Even after nearly four years of incredible divisiveness, I can’t remember our media’s echo chamber being so loud. Most mainstream news channels have decided to cover the post election news cycle as a Biden victory, and a whiny Trump. Meanwhile on your Foxes, OANNs and Newsmaxs, Trump was robbed, cheated or has yet to lose. Most Biden voters don’t see Trump’s coup attempt taking place, but it’s there.

For many Democrats, and other liberals, having lived through the past four years, it has been a well-deserved week of relief, celebration, and relaxation. Most of us have been busy laughing hysterically at Trump’s loser persona or resting comfortably knowing he’ll soon be gone. Well, he’s not gone yet.

It’s easy to dismiss what’s been taking place in the White House over the past few days. Nobody wants to think their centuries old democracy may be jeopardized by some fascist half-wit who’s supposedly on his way out. However, if you still haven’t figured out by now, after all you’ve seen, that Trump is not to be underestimated, then you’re a bigger fool than he is.

If it were just Donald crying to himself, then I wouldn’t care much myself, but he’s got most of his administration on his side and a growing number of Republicans and followers, spewing and/or absorbing the lies of mass voter fraud and corruption.

Yale University history professor Timothy Snyder warned against laughing off what he deemed to be a clear attempt at a coup. The measures currently taking place are unheard of in the United States, but are commonplace in countries where authoritarian regimes have taken over (often with the help of the U.S.)

“A coup is under way, and the number of participants is not shrinking but growing. Few leading Republicans have acknowledged that the race is over. Important ones, such as (Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo, appear to be on the side of the coup… The transition office refuses to begin its work. The secretary of defense, who did not want the army attacking civilians, was fired. The Department of Justice, exceeding its traditional mandate, has authorized investigations of the vote count. The talk shows on Fox this week contradict the news released by Fox last week. Republican lawmakers find ever new verbal formulations that directly or indirectly support Trump’s claims. The longer this goes on, the greater the danger to the republic.”

Through a series of tweets, Snyder expanded on the warning. “What Donald Trump is attempting to do has a name: coup d’état. Poorly organized though it might seem, it is not bound to fail. It must be made to fail.” He added, “coups are defeated quickly or not at all. While they take place, we are meant to look away, as many of us are doing. When they are complete, we are powerless. American exceptionalism prevents us from seeing basic truths.”

There was a poll conducted concerning the support for a military coup within the United States should the Constitution be violated. The measure was supported by nearly half of all Republicans. This poll was taken in 2015, pre-Trump, back when Republicans considered Obamacare unconstitutional. You don’t think they’ll go to bat for Trump?

Take actor and right-wing activist Jon Voight. The other day, he posted a video on Twitter which was shared nearly 60,000 times and watched nearly 3 million times. Voight accuses “leftists” of corruption and calls on fellow Trump supporters to organize for “our greatest fight since the Civil War.”

They’re not all famous, but Trump’s influence is vast and a huge threat to a country that just wants to move on and stay safe from Covid-19. And that might be the biggest problem. Just as we are letting our guard down, the worst may be about to happen.

It started with lockdown protests which morphed into antagonizing Black Lives Matter protesters with firearms. His supporters have since demonstrated a willingness to commit acts of violence, kidnap and murder for what Trump believes. The Trump coup currently taking place shouldn’t seem like that big of a stretch anymore.

If Trump’s coup attempt is not quashed soon, it will get out of hand fast and will be impossible to stop. And just like that, pouf! Any semblance of democracy will be gone. All that will remain is a country dumbfounded as to how they got there.


  1. I’ve been saying this from the start in 2016. That Trump, backed by the wealth class (who put him into the White House in the first place), would refuse to leave office and would entice his followers (now 70+ million working class people strong) into a conflict in much the same way President Buchanan did in the 1850s. That led to the Civil War, with a little help from Lincoln and the wealth class in his day which saw slavery as the only way to preserve their wealth.

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