President-elect Joe Biden has signaled that once he’s sworn in, he will not open any probes into any of Donald Trump’s crimes while he occupied the White House. In effect, everything the impeached President has done will go unpunished.

If this Democratic dropping of the ball sounds familiar, it’s because the same thing happened the last time a Republican left office. It just so happens that Joe Biden was also tied to the last President who decided to let bygones be bygones.

When Barack Obama entered the oval office promising hope and change, I honestly thought things would be different. Instead, one of the first things he announced as President angered me so much that I will never forgive him for it. And why would I? The effects of his inaction are still being felt to this day.

Obama all but pardoned George W. Bush’s crimes by not probing his administration’s rush to war with Iraq or the widespread torture that was authorized while he was the head of state. These are actual felonies that not only went unpunished but set an awful precedent for leaders to come.

President Obama’s reasoning for letting Bush and company off the hook was that he didn’t want to further divide the country. How the hell did that work out in the end? I’m sure that by leaving Bush alone, Obama was held in high regard by Republicans for the remainder of his presidency. They helped him pass the ACA, approved all his judges, didn’t question his policies or fashion choices, and helped him bring the country together. Right.

As history shows, the opposite happened. My question then is, where the hell was Joe Biden during those eight years? Sleepy Joe was sleeping? I ask because Biden’s reason for giving Trump a free pass is because, once again, he doesn’t want to further divide the country.

First of all, the country can’t get more divided. Countless Republicans won’t bring themselves to even admit Biden won the election. They will not be won over by allowing Trump to get off Scott free. In fact, it will only embolden future Republican leaders to get away with more.

Letting crimes go unpunished leads to more crimes down the road. It may not be apparent but allowing Bush to get away with starting an unprovoked war and torturing prisoners had a direct influence on Trump and members of his administration getting away with offenses of their own. While Bush’s discretions were arguably worse, Trump’s crimes far outnumbered W’s.

Now, Joe Biden is set to play the broken record again only this time he is absolving the most corrupt President, at least since since Nixon. If Biden follows through and does nothing, he’ll reaffirm that any future Republican successor can get away with anything. The sky is the limit.

Democrats have demonstrated repeatedly now that there are no consequences for breaking the law. Trump on the other hand had no problem investigating Obama for nothing more than a Fox News based conspiracy theory. Why do Democrats have to play the nice guy and let them off the hook?

Trump might be in financial trouble when he leaves office, he may even be in a little legal trouble on his own, but don’t believe for a moment that he’ll spend a second in a jail cell because of it. If history has taught me anything, Trump’s post-presidential life will be spent scamming his followers and getting some of his wealth back.

At any rate, with Biden, unlike Obama before him, my expectations are extremely low, and I’m not surprised at all that he’ll allow Trump’s crimes to go unpunished. Be wary though my friends, when the Republican who comes after Biden literally has protesters shot on 5th avenue, who will pay the price then?


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