Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Doogie Howitzer is an American columnist whose guiding philosophy is, "unfund the military and build teaching hospitals." He has evolved from cynic to critic. Despite being convinced at some point that the whole world was going to heck in a handbasket, he decided that it might be worth saving. Clean air and water should be seen as guaranteed promises to all creatures on the face of the earth, not just those who can afford a place to live near such.
republican bullies, chris christie

The Republican Bullies and Thugs of 2014

We normally hear about Republican bullies directing their anger toward our President, but in the last few months, they have been directing their frustration and anger towards democratic mayors, reporters and even student voters.
State Policy Network

The State Policy Network Scandal

The State Policy Network is a network of conservative state-level think tanks. SPN groups often engage in extensive lobbying activities, even though nonprofits are limited in the amount of lobbying activity they may participate in by the IRS
GOP fundraising

GOP Fundraising: Political Retail Therapy for Tea-Baggers

Republicans can't win and they know they can't win. Their best hope is to stir up local trouble and to inhibit national progress. So they need to resort to feelings, not analytical thinking to drive donations. The more horrific and offensive to the audience, the bigger the donations.
Miley Cyrus and the Media Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus and the Media Wrecking Ball

If you weren't old enough to drink, but you were worth more than $100 Million(US) in 2013, would digital streaking for profit sound like fun? Does the real life dad of Miley Cyrus think different than the dad he played on television? Can consumers and the media focus on anything besides an ex-Disney Princess finally growing up?
Police Informant Caught Planting Evidence

Police Informant Caught Planting Evidence on Camera

Surveillance cameras in a Schenectady County, New York store that sells smoking accessories recorded a most disturbing crime as it took place on the store counter only inches from the cash register. It wasn't a robbery, it wasn't shoplifting, nor was it employee theft. It was a police informant caught planting evidence.