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Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.
President Trump, parenting

How Good Parents Deal With President Trump

No, America's new leader will not be a good role model for your children.

Ted Cruz is Surprised NYC Hates Him Back

New York-hating Ted Cruz is surprised that New York hates him right back.

Why Some People Deny White Privilege Exists

The easy answer to explain the denial of White Privilege is racism, but it's more complex than that.

Democrat Debate Calms America

After a day of terror attacks and GOP insanity, a calm discussion by America's future President was just what the doctor ordered.

The BING BING Theory: GOP Debate IV

Here we go again with another Republican Debate, and the GOP candidates were clearly feeling the pressure after bitching about "gotcha" questions for weeks and watching Democrat candidates field substantive questions effortlessly. While the...

Rachel Maddow Hosted a Fine Democratic Forum

Recapping the Democratic Forum, how the candidates came off, and how the GOP should be sweating.

Don’t Use Open Carry to Dine & Dash

What should you do when Open Carry activists walk into the restaurant you're in?
Republican Strategies

How Republican Strategies Beat Democrats

Democrats can be their own worst enemies, and Republicans count on that

Scare America Stupid: Republican Fear Mongering

The GOP wants you terrified, because you'll be easier to manipulate
Open Carry Texas

Weak Without Guns: Open Carry Texas

Carrying guns openly in public doesn't help basic logic skills

Why You Can’t Blame Immigrants for Measles Outbreaks

Mo Brooks inserts himself into a national issue with his trademarked ignorance

Republican Stupidity About Vaccines

Anti-Vaxxers need to be rebuffed, but Republicans are suddenly supporting them

Punch Anti-Vaxxers in the Face (With Facts)

Anti-Vaxxer beliefs are putting everyone in harm's way

The Republican Strategy of Stupidity

Not only have Republicans embraced the power of stupid, they're winning with it

NRA Cheerleader Rob Kinnison: “More N*ggers, More Guns”

You don't need to look very far to find the racist element of the NRA

NYPD or Lynch Mob?

Patrick Lynch is making it difficult to take pride in or even respect the NYPD

21 Stupid Things Republicans Did in 2014

The GOP made 2014 a roller coaster of crazy
who are Americans

Who Are Americans?

Americans have to get over the lie of American exceptionalism in order to confront the evils that are done in our name

Taking a Woodhouse to the Woodshed

Sometimes you just want to tell bickering pundits to shut up

Do You Really Remember Sandy Hook?

As we mark the anniversary of this tragedy, we should never forget how it made us feel