Thursday, December 8, 2022
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I am a software consultant who believes that the sooner we learn to accept and love the diversity of all peoples, the sooner we will figure out how to improve everyone's lives, which benefits us all. I love dogs, writing, gardening, photography and movies. I love dogs, did I mention that already? Mine are a three-pack of Beagle-ish boys named Fred, Homer and Atticus. I truly hit the doggie jackpot, but I usually do. Shelter dogs are the ONLY way to go!
one issue voter

I’m Not A One Issue Voter, But…

With an all out attack on guns and the NRA, Hillary Clinton has already sealed up the pro-gun control crowd

Another Day in the USA, Another Mass Shooting

Those who ask "Why do mass shootings happen so much" are, by their inaction afterwards, enabling them to continue.
colorado spill

Colorado Spill: The River Runs Orange

While trying to clean up the past, the EPA has accidentally jeopardized the future

No, Gun Rights Extremists, You Aren’t Suffering. At All.

Gun owners had best go check their dictionary if they think they "suffer" with stricter gun laws

Boycotts: Small Steps, Satisfying Victories

Sometimes the spoils are just being able to look at yourself in the mirror
Gun License

Every License, But A Gun License

You don't need a gun license, but cutting hair is illegal without one...
Gun Violence

Do Americans Want Gun Violence to Get Worse?

Compared to the United Kingdom, our statistics on gun violence makes us look like we live in a third world country
francis pusok

The Police Beating of Francis Pusok

How ten Southern California deputies turned a career criminal into a victim by beating him senseless on camera

Round ’em Up, Move ’em Out: Agriculture Under Attack

We need to face what Corporate agribusiness is doing to our food supply and the decrease in insects that used to benefit us

Angelina Jolie Pitt Op-Ed Sparks Right-Wing Criticism

The haters come out after Angelina Jolie's ovaries and fallopian tubes are surgically removed
Twilight zone

Republicans, Obama and the Twilight Zone

The things they say about Barack Obama are so out of this world that it make me feel like an alien in my own country
Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Guns and Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Why getting robbed at gunpoint didn't make me want to invest in a gun
Guns and a Civilized Society

Guns and Civilized Society

Try as we might, the United States will never be a civilized society with so many gun deaths