Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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A Peaceful Way to Remove Chemical Weapons in Syria

If Syria were a child, then surely China would be its mother and Russia its stern spank ready father. Neither of these countries is convinced that Assad is at fault for these chemical attacks, but at the same time, at least Russia is taking a peaceful approach.

Racial America: Paula Deen and the Supreme Court

Paula Deen with the true innocence of a Southern Belle, exposed herself as a woefully ignorant racist. All I will say is that I am all set to forgive her. If Paula Deen was so gloriously delusional, pathetically misguided, and confessed her sins in such a straightforward and matter-of-fact manner, all the while denying that she is a racist, then in her head, her words and actions were not racist

Pride Cometh Before a Car Race

Despite the calm, orderly, polite, Canadian exit from the rolling metal tin cans, we are warriors. We celebrated war and destruction with our cheers for those jets. It certainly was not the scientific achievement of building them in the minds of the crowd - it was, we can efficiently kill when we need to kill