Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Hi everyone! I am a prior litigation paralegal and graduate of the UCLA paralegal program. My undergraduate studies were at University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in Sociology and minoring in Business. Adding law heightened my analytical skills of legal issues, social issues and I worked on several high profile class action cases against BMW; Microsoft; General Motors; 24 Hour Fitness; Airborne vitamin supplement and several other class action cases that were litigated U.S. Federal Courts. I love writing about political and consumer protection issues and proud to be a contributor for

How the Charleston Shooting Revealed America’s Shame

A killer blatantly states that nine Americans were killed for their skin color, and America is still in denial
Rape Kit Backlog

America’s Massive Rape Kit Backlog

For every untested rape kit, there is a rape victim waiting for justice

The Return of Patient Dumping Means the End of the GOP

In their zeal to attack the ACA, the GOP has finally found a chink in its armor, but exploiting it could end them
Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Santa Barbara Oil Spill: 2015 Edition

Despite the regulations put in place nation wide since the '69 Santa Barbara spill, oil companies continue to pollute with near impunity

White on White Waco Whackos

Recent events in Waco showcase how differently white violent criminals are perceived

The NRA: Responsible for Firearms Irresponsibility

The National Rifle Association has become a liability to the safety of all Americans
kamala harris

Kamala Harris & the Freemason Police Department

What kind of crazy secret society police stuff is going on on California Attorney General Kamala Harris' watch?
Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee’s False Christianity

For someone who talks the talk on Christian Values, Huckabee sure doesn't walk the walk
Bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders Grabs His Slingshot

Taking aim at the Clinton Goliath will be no easy task

Nestle Is Taking Away Our Water

Why are we letting a big corporation take our water and sell it back to us?
Torture photos

Federal Judge Orders American Torture Photos Released

The shocking images of torture revealed at Abu Ghraib were only the tip of the iceberg
Muhamadu Buhari

Could Nigeria’s Election Bring back Our Girls?

Nigeria has ousted a longtime incumbent over Boko Harem's infamous kidnapping
trevor noah

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, and American Prejudice

When the new host of the Daily Show was announced, Americans had mixed reactions
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Takes A Stand Against Gay Death Penalty

The California Attorney General has called out Matthew Gregory McLaughlin's disturbing ballot initiative
mandatory voting

Mandatory Voting in the United States?

If everybody votes, more people will benefit. Could this work in America?

The False and Brief Clinton Email Scandal

Are Americans finally wising up to Republican smear campaigns?

Of Catfish and Cyber-Stalkers

Catfish isn't just a silly TV show, it's a real problem and a dangerous one
American Education

Republicans are Gutting American Education

The "Stupid Party" seems to want everyone to be just like them

The Truth about Personhood Bills

How personhood bills may have consequences for couples trying to conceive a baby

SCOTUS Saves Whistleblower Robert MacLean

Federal employees need to be free to speak out against injustice