Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Retired Manufacturing Engineer and Viet Nam Veteran. B.A in Journalism; AAS in Energy Technology. Socio-Political commentary. Independent Social Democrat. All that, and I'm still trying to chew through the leather straps!
United States of guns

The United States of Guns

An interesting, and very disturbing, trend is emerging with each mass shooting spree we encounter. Back in the “good old” days, a mass shooting might yield six to eight people killed and, say, twenty to thirty people wounded. It seems that now the numbers are reversing themselves.
me generation

The Original “Me Generation” Has Failed Miserably

Lately, I seem to find myself deep in thought about the twists and turns our society has taken from the original "me generation" to generation Y. In doing so, I find myself questioning my generation and our footprint on history.
LBJ and GWB, vietnam war, iraq war

The Many Similarities of the Vietnam and Iraq War

I can say with some degree of certainty that no one in Washington, DC has a clue as to what went wrong with the Iraq war. How soon we forget that the identical theories and practices used in Vietnam were also used in Iraq War right from the beginning.

The Ultimate Down-Loaders

Before the entire world gets all warm and fuzzy with the term “whistle-blower”, they need to have some idea of just what a “whistle-blower” is, both figuratively and literally. We tend to jump to the figurative definition when we hear of anyone telling secrets, or uncovering wrong doings, no matter the situation or accusations.

Blowing Whistles in Threes

The old saying, “A good indication of future behavior lies in past behavior”, seems to be applicable in the recent rash of “whistle-blowing” instances that have rocked the U.S. Government. Cursory research leads to the simple conclusion that the major leaks, involving insider whistle-blowers, comes in spurts of three, and also in a three year window of time.

Democrazy – Not Democracy

You are democracy. Not your corrupt, incapable, biased, bigoted congress people, not your President or any government agency. Get up off your lazy, un-involved butts and do something about this mess we're in. By keeping yourself out of the process you become the crux of the problem; not the solution

The Bradley Manning File

Some join the military out of national pride or service, others join to better their lot in life by taking advantage of the educational opportunities offered in the services and there are those who join up to extricate themselves from poverty and/or the long arm of the law. I am of the opinion that Bradley Manning fits none of these molds

The Scandal Addicted Media

The mainstream Media has been in our face twenty-four hours a day with three situations that are threatening the executive branch with scandal. While only one of these stories could be considered an actual scandal, the media's never ending coverage of these issues are preventing more important matters from being reported. It must be ratings season.

Reshaking Hands with Libyan Oil

Our post WWII involvement with Libya began in 1954 when the United States backed a U.N. resolution granting Libya its formal Nation status. Then Vice President, Richard Nixon was dispatched to start the ball rolling for the establishment of formal relations by opening up a consulate with full State Department staffing.

To Pakistan with Love and Regret

The case of the United States vs. Pakistan which has taken over half a century to play out has all the elements that summarize the misguided adventures of expansionism by the United States. The US has historically slipped, tripped, and fallen flat on its face in this area.

By Changing Itself, America Could Change the World

Since its birth, U.S. Foreign Policy has followed a path that has appeared to fly in the face of the country’s Constitution and its Bill of Rights. An overriding sense of American "exceptionalism" and a "grand design" have always been at the very core of our militarist dealings with sovereign nations around the globe.

Bradley Manning: Left and Right, Right and Wrong

There are currently 22 charges against PFC Manning. He has plead guilty to the 10 lesser charges which would get him a minimum of 20 years in jail, but plead not guilty to the 12 major charges which includes aiding and abetting the enemy at a time of War.

Pirates in Business Suits: Global Offshore Banking Exposed!

These days pirates have morphed into clean shaven men with business suits, but they still loot and bury their gold. Of course these "financial pirates" didn't count on anyone finding their treasure maps.

The Sport of Hiding Corporate Cash

Now that it's tax time and the corporate sector is set to report their first-quarter earnings, the madness begins. I'm not talking about the madness of college basketball, I'm talking about the type of madness that get's the hatred flowing through the veins.

Heads in the Beltway Sand

The more I read about the U.S. Government’s view on what happened to the Economy in 2008, the more I am convinced that there is a rather large ostrich farm located within the confines of the Washington, DC beltway

Dominoes in the Desert

As the dominoes fall in the Middle East, Iran's influence grows. You get the impression that the United States is paving the way, We have been present militarily in this region for a long time and it seems at every turn there is more chaos than when we started.

Bradley Manning: Right and Wrong

The condemnation of Bradley Manning is similar to When Daniel Ellsberg came out with the “Pentagon Papers” in 1971. Looking back, I can remember my first gut reaction. I felt a deep seeded happiness that perhaps some of the lies and public rhetoric were finally going to be set right

The Rise of American Corporatocracy

There must be a “grand design” meticulously constructed by the real people who run this country; Our captains of industry. What a perfect design it is! Our major Industries have abandoned this nation’s labor force. They have sent us all straight down the crapper without so much as a thank you.