Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Mulvaney CFPB

Trump Will Succeed in Unraveling the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is about to fall into the wrong hands
Peace in Syria

Finding Peace in Syria Will Not Involve the United States

As Russia, Turkey and Iran look to end hostilities in Syria, American influence is dwindling in the region
Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct and the Culture War Between Left and Right

The Charlie Rose allegations are another front in a culture war that's splitting America down ideological lines
Roy Moore

Roy Moore, Pedophilia and Religious Manipulation

The religious community is allowing itself to be manipulated by Roy Moore's Pedophilia defense
trade policies

Donald Trump’s Trade Policies are Frustrating America’s Allies

Rather than give in to President Trump's bullying tactics, many countries will simply walk away
Bears Ears National Monument, protected lands

Trump’s Fraudulent Pragmatism Over Rolling Back Protected Lands

The President is quietly reducing the size of protected, often sacred, lands in order to develop them

Trump Leaves Raqqa and Concern for Civilians in Ruin

A President who can't empathize with his own citizens is bound to leave a legacy of death and destruction abroad
gal gadot, BDS movement

Gal Gadot’s “F-You” moment to BDS, courtesy of the Tonight Show

The former IDF member turned Wonder Woman couldn't resist promoting Israeli made chocolate with Jimmy Fallon
Trump's Racism

Trump’s Racism Shines Through Hurricanes

Trump's Hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands speaks volumes about his disdain for minorities
Repeal Replace, mccain

Repeal Replace and Repair Are All Doomed Again… For Now

John McCain and other Republicans continue to oppose the death of Obamacare
single-payer health care for everyone

Everyone But Trump Is Ready For Single-Payer Health Care

Even long time centrists are starting to realize the importance of supporting universal healthcare in the age of Trump