Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Julian Assange extradition

We Should All Fear For Julian Assange’s Extradition

If Julian Assange is extradited and convicted in a U.S. court, real journalism would suffer beyond comprehension
climate crisis

The Climate Crisis Unfolds in Real Time

The extreme weather events we are currently witnessing are exactly what we were warned about twenty or thirty years ago
kamala harris vp

The Kamala Harris VP Pick is the Best of the Worst

The choice of Kamala Harris for VP is the best progressives could have expected from Biden
CARES act expired, mitch mcconnell, pelosi

With the CARES Act Expired, America is Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions

With the CARES Act being allowed to expire, Republicans are doing everything they can to make sure people continue to suffer during the pandemic
michael brooks

In Memory of Michael Brooks

Progressive talk show host Michael Brooks has passed away at the tender age of 37
BLM activists

BLM Activists Shouldn’t Settle for Mere Symbolic Change

Symbolic change by corporations and TV shows do little to help the Black Lives Matter movement address systemic racism
Robin diangelo - White fragility

White Fragility Fails to Address Racism in a Meaningful Way

Writing a book about racism without mentioning the system in which it thrives serves no real purpose
co-opt the #BLM movement

The Establishment’s Attempt to Co-Opt the BLM Movement

While conservatives attack the movement, the liberal establishment is trying to use the Black Lives Matter for their own gain and both are blaming leftists
History of Rioting

A History of Rioting for Social Change

Riots can be destructive, hazardous, and frightening, but also necessary for serious social change
socialism, Lee Carter

Socialism and Leftists are Succeeding Across America

Americans, led by millennials, are rebelling against crony capitalism and embracing the dreaded "S" word
2016 primary

Corporate Democrats Still Refuse to Admit the 2016 Primary was Rigged

The more the establishment refuses to admit guilt, the more voters will continue to lose trust in the Democratic Party
uranium deal, clinton, holder

Uranium Deal: Democrats May Have Corrupt Ties to Russia As Well

Evidence is mounting that suggests corporate Democrats may have a Russia scandal of their own

Politico Claims Progressives aren’t a Threat to Corporate Democrats

The progressive tidal wave has already started, regardless of how much the establishment denies it
endless war, Donald Trump, Democrats

Democrats Vote in Favor of Endless War Under Trump

Senate Democrats are more concerned with being tough on foreign policy than opposing an unstable fascist president

“Neoliberal” is a Chosen Policy Model, Not An “Alt-Left” Smear

Many liberals who support neoliberal Democrats don't seem to understand what the term actually means
Joy Ann Reid

Joy Ann Reid is the Embodiment of the Neoliberal Media

While part of the media, the anti-progressive MSNBC host represents everything wrong with the Democratic Party
steve bannon

Steve Bannon Out, Neocons Back In

Without Trump's racist, but non-interventionist chief strategist, the United States is almost certain to escalate its foreign wars
Syrian Rebels

Donald Trump Ends CIA Support of Syrian Rebels

The CIA operation in Syria did far more harm than good, but many liberals are protesting Trump's decision anyway
Syrian chemical weapons

No Evidence that Chemical Weapons were used in Syria

New reporting by Seymour Hersh reveals Donald Trump’s claim that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons to be a "fairy tale"
focus on russia

Democrats Will Continue to Lose if they Focus on Russia

The focus on Russia's interference in our elections is causing more harm to Democrats than to Trump or Republicans