Monday, May 23, 2022
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A deep thinking, former R.N., former Organic Farmer, Chef living with his partner, two dogs and a cat in Chicago, IL
Arctic Vortex

The Arctic Vortex is Nothing New

The conservative media's rejection of science continues through the cold. I, for one, long for a return to the season of intelligence where facts are facts and people strive to use them
CEO Compensation

CEO Compensation Gap Requires a Forced Ethics Fix

By pouring millions of dollars into keeping the minimum wage as minimum as possible they've kept their profits high, their costs low and transferred their ethical responsibilities to tax payers
american minimum wage

The American Minimum Wage Nightmare: It Hurts Us All.

Let's face it, the American Dream is an unattainable nightmare for most. The American minimum wage (at the federal level) of $7.25/hr doesn't even allow one person working full time to support themselves, let alone a family.
Tea Party Apocalypse

Tea Party Apocalypse Imminent and of Their Own Making

The apocalypse is a favorite topic of Tea Party Apocalypse prophets in America. Little do they know, signs of their own apocalypse are appearing fast and furious.
political lies

Political Lies: Moronic Meanderings Make Misinformation Meaningful

Why has it suddenly become so chic to make unabashedly stupid statements in public? Actually, they're not being stupid they're telling political lies. Why? Because they work!
Rude behavior can happen to anyone.

Rude Behavior is Overloading Santa’s Naughty List

Emily Post recently conducted a survey finding 80% of us believe rude behavior is more common now than ever before. Why? Continuing effects of the recession, increased work demands with fewer personnel and "work creep."
Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin and her Ilk Need to Mind their Own Business

People like Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George and Springfield's Bishop Thomas John Paprocki are so full of hate, they are meddling in things that don't concern them.
afraid of obamacare

Don’t be Afraid of Obamacare

The surprising thing about Obamacare is that most people have little knowledge of what the law actually entails. While Obamacare approval numbers are low, they are high when you simply call it the Affordable Care Act.