Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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I hold a Bachelor's and Master's in History. I also hold an Associates' in Sociology
National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association is a Terrorist Organization

The NRA fights hard on the behalf of would-be domestic terrorists
Columbus Day

It’s Time for Columbus Day to End

There is absolutely no reason to celebrate a man who never even set foot in the United States
Confederate statues

Confederate Statues are a Symptom of a Larger Issue

What kind of people honor men who desired to oppress others?
Transgender, Trump

Trump Can’t Ban Transgender People from the Military Unilaterally

His anti-transgender tweets were meant as a distraction after another bad week, but should still be taken seriously
corporate democrats

Corporate Democrats are Destroying the Party

Establishment Dems continue to focus on the same things that cost them the 2016 election
Little Rock gun violence

Arkansas Swings and Misses on Gun Violence

The Republican answer to gun violence in night clubs was to ban violent music, not guns

Why Trump is Unfit to be President

Donald Trump's first six months in office look an awful lot like Ronald Reagan's last six months

Time to Admit Democrats are in Trouble

Democrats keep coming in a close second, but losses are still losses

Guns are (not) the (only) Problem

When it comes to gun control, the actual guns are only part of the problem
How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing

Republicans Are on the Wrong Side of History

How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing

Impeachment Would not be the end of Trump

If it happens at all, the actual removal of President Trump from office is likely years away

Can this Trump Scandal be Worse than Watergate?

With all that's been going on in the Trump Regime, one can't shake the feeling that something yuge is unfolding
north korea

War with North Korea for all the Wrong Reasons

Is Trump threatening war with North Korea for better ratings or because of his childish nature?
Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has an Image Problem

The problems in the Democratic Party are not just a matter of progressive vs. liberal
Democrats and Republicans

Democrats and Republicans are not One in the Same

Once you leave the leadership of the parties, there are very stark differences between the Democratic and Republican base
Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is Making a Fool of Himself… Again

When it comes to Syria, Cotton and his fellow Republicans are all too eager to forget factual history
Razorbacks stadium, Arkansas legislature

Arkansas Legislature Cares More for Sports than its Citizens

When it comes to guns, Arkansas won't listen to you unless sports is involved
Republicans, trump, freedom caucus

Republicans Need to Decide: Us or Him

On multiple issues, Republicans must choose between their president, their donors and their voters
climate change, Scott Pruitt

Ignorance about Climate Change is all the Rage

Republicans, led by climate denier Scott Pruitt, are set to erase a century's worth of government environmental regulations
2nd Amendment

Money Behind Push to Defend 2nd Amendment

Why else would you allow guns in the hands of the mentally ill?