Friday, September 17, 2021
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maga, anti-mask

MAGA Anti-Mask Morons are all the Rage

Their outrage is hilarious regardless of the seriousness of their negligence
best of 2015

Quiet Mike’s Best of 2015

The best news articles and opinion pieces from the year that was
best memes of 2015

Quiet Mike’s Best Memes of 2015

From Donald Trump, to Kim Davis to the NRA, 2015 was full of meme-able moments
Stephen Harper

Today We Put Stephen Harper out to Pasture

And vote out the most conservative government in Canadian history
art education

Art Education: Creating a Country of Uncreative Kids

Cuts in school art programs may be the reason the United States is falling behind in science and math
Police Brutality Inc

Police Brutality Inc.

In order to understand police violence, we need to realize who the cops and justice system really work for
Reinstate the military Draft

Five Reasons to Reinstate the Military Draft

Some good modern reasons why the United States should consider going back to a conscripted military
Homan Square Protest

Scenes from the Homan Square Protest

Politically diverse protest calls for increased transparency from Chicago PD
Best of Quiet Mike 2014

Best of Quiet Mike 2014

The best news articles and opinion pieces from the last twelve months
red cross

The American Red Cross needs to be Held Accountable

Public sector disaster relief incompetence been outsourced for non-profit incompetence
marijuana legalization, colorado

How well is Marijuana Legalization Working in Colorado?

So what, if any, in the last two years have the consequences been of legalizing pot in Washington and Colorado? The consequences so far aren't related to marijuana so much as the tax money and reduced crime that comes from it.
anti-conservative articles

The Best Anti-Conservative Articles of the Year

Happy Birthday America. On this day of celebration, Quiet Mike would like to present to you a collection of Anti-Conservative articles written by our great staff over the last twelve months.
World Cup Cartoon

World Cup Cartoon

Starting today, the world cup of Soccer (or football) will be the talk of the globe for the next five weeks. While it will bring the world closer together, it will also distract us...
Tiananmen Square Cartoon

Tiananmen Square Cartoon

On the 25th Anniversary of the  Tiananmen Square Massacre, one has to wonder if our social media of today would have stopped those tanks in the streets. 
vladimir putin cartoon

Vladimir Putin Cartoon

It's easy to make fun of Vladimir Putin and the cult of personality he's created with the help of the Russian media. It seems every time we see him on vacation he's partaking in some kind of...
Crimea Cartoon

Crimea Cartoon: The Russian Dolls Game

A Crimea cartoon, using Russian dolls to demonstrate how the bigger territories want to swallow up the smaller ones
Obama, Hemp, cartoon

Barack Obama Hemp Cartoon

Nemo's Obama Hemp Cartoon. Hemp is all the Hope we Need
montreal language protest

Montreal: International City or Hub of Hate?

Montreal is know throughout the world for it's video game companies, it's successful hockey team, smoked meat and a thriving porn industry. But is Montreal a true international city? No.
war on science

Three battles in America’s War on Science

I’m not sure when it first became socially acceptable to be stupid, but it seems “the Earth is flat” mentality is actually re-gaining the ground lost during the Age of Enlightenment.