Friday, August 14, 2020
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Mike Weishar (A.K.A. Quiet Mike) has been a politics & news writer since May 2010. In December of 2012 he founded his own website which has since morphed into Partyless Politics. He remains the chief writer, editor and administrator. He has been active in political writing and social causes for many years. He is a proud activist, husband and genuine shit disturber.

QAnon is set to Terrorize the United States for Years to Come

In just a few short years, the conspiracy group has grown into a dangerous religious cult, free from facts and logic
democratic national convention 2020

The Democratic National Convention Leaves the Left in the Cold

Speakers at the Democratic National Convention next week will be disproportionately underrepresented on the left
Wealthy Republicans, joe biden

Billionaires for Biden: Why some Wealthy Republicans are Jumping Ship

In fear of losing democracy, rich Republicans are abandoning Trump and donating to the Biden Campaign
Executive Orders

How Trump’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Play to his Base

Donald Trump's executive orders allow him to project the appearance that Democrats are fighting against Covid-19 relief
foreign policy team, joe biden

Be Aware of Joe Biden’s Horrendous Foreign Policy Team

Biden’s current circle of foreign policy advisers have a history of supporting disastrous U.S. military interventions
Cori Bush, the squad

With Cori Bush, “The Squad” Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

Progressive Cori Bush joins a growing club of activist women of color trying to bring change to Washington
attacks on Joe Biden, trump, fists, fighting

Why Trump’s Attacks on Joe Biden are Ringing Hollow

How can Trump attack anyone whose polices and moral philosophy are better than his?
comedic television news shows, john oliver

Top Five Comedic Television News Shows

As we try and survive Covid-19 and work to make the world a better place, we need a little information and a lot of laughs
delaying the election

Trump Suggests Delaying the Election

President Trump, for the first time, suggested delaying the election in fear of the most "INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history"
stella Immanuel, fauci, demon semen

Trump Chooses Demon Semen over Doctor Fauci

The president prefers to listen to a demon semen fearing pediatrician/minister over a world renown infectious disease expert.
dnc platform committee

DNC Platform Committee Rejects Key Progressive Policies

The platform may be seen as more progressive than 2016, but that depends where you look
left-wing violence

Left-Wing Violence in the United States is Completely Made Up

President Trump and his Fox News allies have no legs to stand on when it comes to left-wing violence in the United States
elon musk, public persona

The Downfall of Elon Musk’s Public Persona

Covid19 has revealed the engineering genius to be just another greedy billionaire
anti-war amendments

Democrats Join Republicans in Blocking Important Anti-War Amendments

It's a shame most Democrats still prefer to fund Trump’s military over health and education
John Kasich, democratic convention

Having John Kasich Speak at the Democratic Convention is a Horrible Idea

A conservative speaking in support of Biden at the National Convention is a big punch in the face to progressives
trump secret police, federal officers

The Dangers of Trump’s Secret Police

Trump's unidentified federal officers have the potential to be more dangerous than any pandemic
radical leftist, joe biden

Demonizing Joe Biden as a Radical Leftist

The Trump Campaign is trying to cast Joe Biden as a radical leftist. It's far from the truth, but it's a moniker Biden should embrace
Covid-19 Response, covid-19

Trump’s Racism could Explain his Covid-19 Response

Is Trump and Republicans botching the Covid-19 response on purpose?
sick from covid-19

GOP Going to Great Lengths to Make You Sick from Covid-19

Where once there was denial of the pandemic, the GOP are now trying to feed it.
coronavirus cover-up, Covid-19

Possible Coronavirus Cover-Up is Now Underway

The White House doesn’t want you to know how bad the Covid-19 crisis is