Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Mike Weishar (A.K.A. Quiet Mike) has been a politics & news writer since May 2010. In December of 2012 he founded his own website which has since morphed into Partyless Politics. He remains the chief writer, editor and administrator. He has been active in political writing and social causes for many years. He is a proud activist, husband and genuine shit disturber.
American Families with Children are Going Hungry

American Families with Children are Going Hungry at Alarming Rate

The rate at which Americans are going hungry is out of control, but is also completely avoidable
Thanksgiving weekend, covid19

Canadian Advice to Americans: Stay Home this Thanksgiving Weekend

If Canada is any example, the damage the coronavirus will do to the United States following Thanksgiving weekend will be beyond catastrophic.
Tony Blinken

Tony Blinken Chosen to be Biden’s Secretary of War

Biden choosing a hawk as his Secretary of State is a good indication of where the administration is headed
wealth tax

Liberals and Conservatives Unite to Shoot Down Wealth Tax

The bill also included an excess profit tax for those currently enriching themselves over Covid-19
Joe Biden, trump's crimes

Joe Biden Will Turn his Back on Trump’s Crimes

Joe Biden's unwillingness to probe the many crimes of his predecessor is a recipe for further disaster
news bubble

Give Me My News Bubble or Give Me Death

We've been brainwashed into shopping around for news bubbles that suit us, rather than information that informs us
trump’s coup attempt

Don’t Underestimate Trump’s Coup Attempt

“Coups are defeated quickly or not at all. While they take place, we are meant to look away, as many of us are doing."
white male voters, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Joe Biden Underperformed with Everyone Except White Male Voters

There were three distinct keys to Biden's victory. One of them used to be part of Trump's base
The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project Failed Everyone but Themselves

Money that would have been better spent elsewhere was wasted on trying to rid the country of Trumpism
Democracy is Being Saved, biden, trump

Vote Today, But Don’t Pretend Democracy is Being Saved

Vote today, not to save a democracy that died long ago, but because it’s still your duty
spitting image, trump, melania

Spitting Image is Back and Roasting Everyone

The British satirical television puppet show is back and just as funny and offensive as it used to be
nuclear weapons illegal

Nuclear Weapons Will Finally Become Illegal in 2021

Trump couldn't stop the huge victory for the Human Race, 75 years in the making
covid relief

Covid Relief: Congress has Failed in its Moral Obligations

Democrats and Republicans would rather allow the American people to suffer than give each other a political win
Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy

Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy May Well Have Consequences

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is looking very vulnerable in the polls
trump's covid treatment

What’s Wrong With America? Trump’s Covid Treatment…

A hundred thousand dollar treatment for Trump courtesy of taxpayers who got the shaft in return
Trump And McConnell

Trump and McConnell to Americans: Screw You!

The 74 percent of Americans demanding a Covid relief package from the Senate have been told they don't matter
Joe Biden Has A Huge Lead

Joe Biden Has A Huge Lead, But…

In another time, a lead like this would have Republicans rethinking their raison d'être
cut the mics, moderators, biden, trump

If You Like Biden, Don’t Let Moderators Cut the Mics

Cutting the microphones of the candidates might seem like a rational solution, but...
Poll Watcher

Being a Poll Watcher or Scrutineer is Part of Democracy

Poll watching is a fundamental part of democracy that Democrats need to embrace this year