Sunday, April 18, 2021
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A native of Columbia, South Carolina, I returned home when I retired and now live with my two hounds on the west bank of the Congaree River, right across from downtown Columbia. My son, now 31, lives and works in Charlotte while my mother, brother, sister-in-law and assorted nieces and nephews live in my mother's hometown of Charleston.
American Muslims

Cruz and Trump Would Radicalize American Muslims

American Muslims are not the threat to America that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump make them out to be

Anti-Abortion Movement: How the Past Became the Present

How anti-abortion activists across the country are once again endangering the lives of women everywhere
Divider in Chief

The Real Divider in Chief

Republicans have been labeling Obama as the Divider in Chief for years to mask their own divisive strategy

Marco Rubio’s Immigration Policy Flip-Flop

Rubio's hypocrisy on Immigration Reform has been justified by nonsense.
Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell and the Stifling of American Voices

Never mind the next Supreme Court Justice, McConnell hasn't cared what the American voter thinks since Obama was first elected
Hillary Clinton

Moderately, Progressively Cynical: Why I support Hillary

Bernie would have been the right man at the right time in 2022. This, however, is Hillary's time
Pete Selleck

Pete Selleck Doubles Down on Voodoo

Wealthy CEOs want even more for themselves and Republicans are hearing their call
Quiet Democrats

Loud Republicans, Quiet Democrats

Democrats need to defend themselves better in the media by speaking up more

Memo To The Republican Base: You Do Math Wrong

Republicans have convinced their voters that Obama's "policies" are to blame for sluggish wage growth. They need to do better math.
conservative evangelicals

Conservative Evangelicals Make Christians Look Bad

Everyday Muslims and everyday Christians find themselves adrift in the same boat, branded by religious extremists
Congressman Bill Johnson

Pro-Gun Congressman Bill Johnson Strike’s Out

Debunking three NRA/Republican pro-gun talking points once and for all
Conservative Terror

Barack Obama Stands Up to Conservative Terror

Post-Paris, right-wing fear and paranoia has engulfed the United States, but Barack Obama has so far proven himself to be the only adult in the room

Republicans are Right: Mainstream Media Sucks

The response of the mainstream media to Republican festivities constitutes a sad commentary on just how intimidated it is by the GOP.
Canada get's Economics Right

Canadians get Economics Right, in a Big Way

Canadian voters threw out Prime Minister Harper's austerity-based "new normal" and have got American conservative leaders scared to death!
Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd’s Unending Failure to Clip Hillary’s Wings

For over twenty years she's tried to bring the Clintons down. Now she's ticked off at Trey Gowdy for not getting it done in 17 months.

Carly Fiorina Does a Great Whitey Bulger

Conservatives loved Fiorina's steely-eyed look and harsh brevity, but Whitey Bulger had the same persona, how'd that work out?
Great Wall of America

The not so Great Wall of America

The only "plan" Republicans have for "border security" is to chatter more about it and point an accusatory finger at Barack Obama
Kim Davis is a Prime Example of Basic Civil Law

Kim Davis is a Prime Example of Basic Civil Law

By making us aware of what they really mean by "religious freedom," Kim Davis may be the Religious Right's worst nightmare
Trump Train

The Nativist and Racist Trump Train

Make no mistake about it, the message is driving the Trump Train far more than the messenger
Joe Scarborough

A Morning with Joe Scarborough in Hypocrisy Hell

One morning watching Joe Scarborough on MSNBC is enough to fill your cup of hypocrisy for a lifetime