Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Scott Langdon is a writer, actor and teacher living in Philadelphia, PA. Theology and running are two of his passions, and he believes good television can make the world a better place. Follow him on Twitter - @scotylang
Pakistani Flag

Where is the Pakistani Flag on Facebook?

We show solidarity with some countries hit by terrorism with their flag. With others, not so much...
President Obama

President Obama just had one Hell of a Week

If aspiring Republican candidates want some pointers on how to govern the country, they should take a look at the week Obama had
Make America Great Again

Three Ways We Can Actually Make America Great Again

The way to make America great again starts by doing the opposite of what Trump and Republicans suggest

Five Ways Anti-Intellectualism is Ruining America

Republicans have dumbed down their voters so much over the years that it's ruining the country and creating candidates like Cruz and Trump

Big Government or Big Apple?

The debate over the unlocking of a terrorist's iPhone shows once again that Republicans have no problem with big government

Governor vs. Senator: Presidential Grudge Match

What type of experience makes a candidate more Presidential?
Government of the People

A Government of the People By the People and for the People

What does a Government of the People by the People and for the People really mean?
Political Revolution

The 2016 Political Revolution?

It's clear by now the American People want some kind of political revolution, but from which side will it come?
Making A Murderer

Why Making A Murderer is Required Viewing

Steven Avery's case aside, the Netflix documentary exposes just how corrupt our justice system can be
Bernie Sanders

The Honesty of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders continues to gain ground with the revolutionary approach of honesty
things to ponder in 2016

Three Things to Ponder in 2016

Three issues conservatives need to better understand in the New Year

A Christmas Story of Hope

Hope for the nation's future can be found in A Christmas Story.

Donald Trump Is The Comments Section

The Donald prides himself on saying whatever comes to his mind. But that isn't a good thing.
Woodrow Wilson

The Racism of Woodrow Wilson

Does the ignorance of an accomplished man negate the good things he's done?

Racism and the False Sense of Superiority

Americans will only beat back racism when we realize we're no better than anyone else
Christian Nation, Syrian refugees

Can We Really Call Ourselves A Christian Nation?

When it comes to Syrian refugees, a majority of Americans wouldn't do what Jesus would do
war rhetoric

Stop the War on Christmas Rhetoric

Declaring war on everyone and everything is insulting to veterans, even Jesus

I Used to be a Republican

How the Republican Party lost a loyal supporter.

#BlueLivesMatter Might Actually Be Hurting the Police

It's ethically uncool to hijack a hashtag and attention from others onto yourself, no matter how noble your intent.
Capitalism and Social Democracy

Capitalism and Social Democracy

If you want to debate how superior capitalism is to social democracy, you might want to learn what they both mean