Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Sean Everett has a BA in history from the University of Kansas. Interests include Anarchism, voluntaryism, politics, economics, intellectual history, literature, chess, science, and poetry. Contact: "spmorrison25@gmail.com"
Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn’s Resignation is Just the Beginning

Trump's former National Security Adviser's communications with the Russian Ambassador is likely just a small part of a bigger scandal
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
tillerson, putin, russian sanctions

Trump to Lift Russian Sanctions?

As violence continues in Ukraine, and Tillerson is confirmed, Trump mulls eliminating Obama era sanctions
National Park Service

Trump at Odds With National Park Service

Trump's gag order on the National Park Service is the first salvo in the war on science
trump Cabinet

The Trump Cabinet is Worse than our New President

On this inauguration day, it isn't Trump we should fear, but who will have his ear
erdogan, putin, coup

Will Erdogan and Putin be Allies?

With the U.S. supposedly harboring the mastermind of last month's coup attempt, is Turkey looking for a new friend?
Conservative Fear of Islam

Conservative Fear of Islam and the Damage Done

Conservative fear of Islam in America has done permanent damage to America's Image around the world
progressive voters

Why Some Progressive Voters are Crying

Hardcore progressives must deal with the fact that real change may not come for another eight years
Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen, ISIS, and the LGBTQ Community

A look into the different aspects of the Orlando nightclub shooting
Donald Trump

Progressives Will Not Vote for Donald Trump

Actual progressives will not be abandoning Clinton in order to vote for Trump
Sexual Violence Statistics

Intimate Sexual Violence Statistics

There is far more to sexual violence than just rape and a portion of it occurs within intimate relationships

Progressives and Transgender Restrooms

A progressive approach to restroom policy is one which ensures the rights of all individuals are upheld
Clinton vs. Trump

The Clinton vs. Trump Preview

The hypothetical match-up between Hillary and the Donald is starting to look interesting
2016 Presidential Election Picture

The 2016 Presidential Election Picture… So Far!

Almost a year after the candidates first announced their intentions, who'd have thought this is where we'd be
2016 state of the union

2016 State of the Union Recap

President Obama uses his last State of the Union address to look back on the success and failures of his presidency
saudi arabia and iran

Tensions Escalate Between Saudi Arabia and Iran… Again

How the execution of Shi'a cleric Nimr Baqir al-Nimr has re-opened old wounds

Jeremy Corbyn: The United Kingdom’s Bernie Sanders?

Many have drawn comparisons between Jeremy Corbyn and American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
The Islamic State and Erasing Human History

The Islamic State and Erasing Human History

From stamping out idolatry, to propaganda, to making some extra cash, there are many reasons to erase history

Ten Points About the Republican Debate

If you missed last night's #GOPDebate, here's all you need to know
planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood Suffers Cyber Attack

The pro-life community needs to wake up and realize that abortion is not equal to murder