Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Sean Everett has a BA in history from the University of Kansas. Interests include Anarchism, voluntaryism, politics, economics, intellectual history, literature, chess, science, and poetry. Contact: "spmorrison25@gmail.com"

Kurdistan: One Hundred Years of Betrayal

Over the past century, European powers, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and the United States have all used the Kurdish people to further their own aims
Turkey bombs kurds

Turkey Bombs Kurds and Islamic State

The struggle against the Islamic State just got far more complex as Turkey starts to bomb both sides

Donald Trump: Bear or Bull?

Why Donald Trump is not necessarily a long shot for Repubicans
Iran Nuclear Accord

Iran Nuclear Accord Success

Despite conservative hysteria, the world just became a much safer place
Nuclear Iran

Schmoozing a Nuclear Iran

The prospect of war and the pursuit of peace
gay marriage

To Defy The Laws Of Traditional Marriage

There is no reason why gay marriage and traditional marriage can't coexist within a society
Greek Debt

Greek Debt and the Nature of Economic Slavery

Why this situation in Greece may continue to become increasingly ridiculous
Egyptian revolution

Tourism, Terrorism and the Continuing Egyptian Revolution

Why Egypt still has a long way to go in solving its many problems
Afghan Interpreters

More Visas Needed For Afghan Interpreters

Many Afghans who risked their lives to aid western countries are getting turned away
Rand Paul 2016

Rand Paul: The Libertarian Candidate?

Now that Rand Paul has announced his candidacy for president , he'll have to decide what kind of candidate he actually is
Iranian Nuclear Talks

Iranian Nuclear Talks: Perpetuation and Stagnation

Despite the many setbacks, it's still easier to reach a deal than to deal with the consequences of not obtaining one
Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Invasion or Withdrawal?

Economics could force Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, but it could also force them to invade
Tom Cotton speech

Tom Cotton has Lost His Mind

Senator Tom Cotton's first ever speech on the Senate floor puts us aboard the train to World War III
Future of Warfare

The Future of Warfare?

We may soon see the end of gunpowder-based warfare and it's replacement is terrifying

Tom Cotton’s Nuclear Hysteria

If Iran wants the bomb, it will get one. Why are they considered a bigger threat than North Korea or Pakistan?
Bibi Goes to Washington

Bibi Goes to Washington (Again)

Netanyahu recycled Cold War, anti-communist rhetoric to suit his own desired end of regional dominance
Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson’s Opposition to Yoga

Why Yoga scares ultra-conservative Christians

Common Misconceptions about Fascism

Separating fact from fiction in the mythology of fascism

Colonialism, Imperialism, and Indigenous Exploitation

Unraveling the western (and American) legacy of global exploitation and profiteering
Greek Election

Radical Left Victory in Greek Elections

Liberating Greece from a cycle of austerity and depression