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Sean Everett has a BA in history from the University of Kansas. Interests include Anarchism, voluntaryism, politics, economics, intellectual history, literature, chess, science, and poetry. Contact: ""
State of the Union 2015

State of the Union 2015: Stability and Progress

Barack Obama pushes for paid sick leave, a minimum wage increase, equal pay for women and free community college among others
Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Capitalism, and Science

Utilizing Christian theology as a force for positive, progressive change
World in 2014

A Brief Timeline of the World in 2014

As we move forward into the New Year, it's worth seeing where we've been
Establishment Christians

Establishment Christians’ Dirty Little Secret

Six US states that refuse to recognize the cold, hard truth of modernity
progressive manifesto

Capitalists and Workers: A Progressive Manifesto

Eight affirmations for the twenty-first century progressive
Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, Communists, and Homosexuals

Why Santorum needs to do his homework before speaking about communism and homosexuals

Capitalism, Property, and Revolution : The Ferguson Decision

There is much more to the Ferguson decision and subsequent riots than just race
Peter Kassig

Peter Kassig: The Islamic State’s Latest Victim

Western efforts may be working, but the struggle is not yet finished in Iraq and Syria
Ukraine crisis

Ukraine Crisis: The Continual Nature of Economic Warfare

If NATO is drawn militarily into the conflict then it is nearly assured that it will not come to a peaceful standstill any time soon.
Midterm Election Results

Midterm Election Results and Moving Forward

Why Democrats are down, but most certainly not out. This swing of the political pendulum is most likely temporary.
Arab Children

Generation Jihad: Arab Children and the Islamic Bubble

How the United States and the western world helped to raise a generation of sworn enemies
Psychopaths and Capitalism

The Lone Wolf: Psychopaths and Capitalism

Some psychopaths ruthlessly embrace the capitalist system while others violently reject it
Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform and Conservative Hysteria

Why amnesty for undocumented immigrants should be considered despite conservative objections
kris kobach

Kris Kobach and the Struggle Against Pig-Headed Republicans

Why former Republican Jean Schodorf must be considered a serious contender to replace the pig-headed Secretary of State in Kansas
Japanese Business Culture

Japanese Business Culture: Social Ethics and Loyalty

What western business executives can learn from Japanese business culture
Kansas Republicans

4 Reasons to Kick Kansas Republicans Out of Office

Why progressives must win their struggle one state at a time, starting with Kansas

How Far should the United States go in Syria?

Valuable considerations for America moving forward in a very volatile region
birth control

Why Birth Control is a Health Care Issue

Traditional, mythological perspectives on pain and labor, and how the new sexual-economic dichotomy is forming
new world order

New World Order: The Conspiracy of Global Domination

The New World Order mythology cannot be disproved, but it can be taken apart

The Truth about Ebola

Understanding and combating the virus threatening Western Africa and possibly the rest of the world