Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Sean Everett has a BA in history from the University of Kansas. Interests include Anarchism, voluntaryism, politics, economics, intellectual history, literature, chess, science, and poetry. Contact: "spmorrison25@gmail.com"
Scottish Independence

The Misplaced Idealism of Scottish Independence

Recent polls seem to indicate that public support for independence in the upcoming September 18 referendum is rising. What will the real and immediate effects of separation be for both Scotland and the whole of the UK?
Women of Islam

The Women of Islam and the Language of Submission

The position of women in any society (good or bad) is a good indicator of the social structure as a whole. With respect to Islamic culture it is clear that this position can vary considerably and, thus, may have many other causes than simple issues of dogma.
Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger: Inside the Mind of a Shooter

The recent drive-by shooting committed by Elliot Rodger, which killed 7 individuals and injured several others, is certainly a cause for concern. Certainly the ways in which the mental state of Rodger slowly degenerated over time should be of much interest to those who wish to avert future tragedies of this same nature.
Robotic Revolution

For Better or Worse, the Robotic Revolution is Here

In the coming decades it is highly likely that robot and drone technology will become an inescapable part of everyday life for both Americans and individuals around the world.
NSA, big brother

Inside the NSA’s Leviathan of Dominance

With the internet continuing to become an integral part of life around the world, it is very necessary to look at the possible opportunities for the abuse of power that exist within the system as it stands now.
Silurian Valley Solar

Silurian Valley Solar: Beautiful Bureaucracy at Work

The Silurian Valley Solar project, while it has been billed as an efficient use of funds and land, has many problems. Many have argued that the proposed facility is both an inefficient use of space, but also a possibly harmful one.
private prison industry cycle

The Terrible Truth about America’s Private Prison Industry

As corporate activity has infected the process of incarceration, it is clear that the market dictates that the supply of prisoners be constant and ever-increasing.
american exceptionalism

The Nonsense Narrative of American Exceptionalism

Many politicians on both sides of the aisle often use the worn-out concept of American exceptionalism to further their own agendas. Simply mentioning that "America is the greatest country in the world" is generally enough to work any voting pool into an incoherent froth of narcissistic self-love.
Founding Fathers

The Tea Party’s Founding Fathers Mythology

The continued existence of the Tea Party movement, the constant drivel coming from American Christian right-wingers, and the latest absurdity surrounding the Cliven Bundy situation have prompted me to provide conservatives with a little history lesson.
Fox news bubble, fox news

Fox News, Ann Coulter, and the Outrage Machine

The terrifyingly successful Fox News franchise, among others, has helped to make American media (on both sides) into a pathetic joke. The conservative media, in particular, is plagued by a lack of commitment to providing the recipient with real facts
karl marx

Will Karl Marx’s Final Prediction Come True?

At present, the whole of humanity, especially the western world, stands at a crossroads. Karl Marx, who lived his whole life in the Nineteenth century, had thought about the scope of change that the society he lived in would go through.