Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Thomas Boyd is a New York-based consultant to nonprofits, writer, teacher and coach. He worries a lot about things many people would rather not worry about
Angela Haseltine Pozzi, plasic

Turning our Plastic Tragedy into Art

Someone is creating environmental awareness by creating plastic animals from the debris that is killing the real ones
#6 Train

Economics on the #6 Train

Despite big economic events like the Brexit, we can't forget about those fighting for just a buck or two, one day at a time

Can We Be Trusted With Democracy?

As Americans shift from communitarianism to individualism, can democracy survive?
Presidential Politics

Too Much Presidential Politics

The press, Donald, Hillary and Bernie has made everyone forget about these other important races

Is California Where We’ve Been or Where We’re Going?

For better or worse, the Golden State seems to embody the nation’s aspirations and ambitions
John Culberson

Getting to Know a Congressman: John Culberson

The religious, libertarian leaning NRA hero who represents the wealthy in Houston, Texas
House of Representatives

How Progressives Can Clean House In 2016

A five point plan on how progressives can change the make-up of the House of Representatives
4th of july

Letters to America on the 4th of July

On this independence day, American's voice their opinions on the current state of the country
2015 Milan Expo

2015 Milan Expo: How to Feed Nine Billion People

In 2050, what will the privileged few be prepared to do to share the earth’s output of food with the rest of us?
summer solstice

The Summer Solstice of Politics

As we hit the longest day of the year, political days in America are poised to get shorter
Clean Money in charity

Clean Money in Charity?

We now rely on the politics of corporate charitable foundations to fund the things our government should be responsible for

Who Will Protect Us From The Hackers?

Should we trust the private sector who collected and handed over our data or the government that took it afterwards?

The Cracks in Our Charity System

Giving money ain't what it used to be. Why nonprofit/charity organizations need more oversight
My Brother's Keeper Alliance

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance: A Good Thing?

Is the MBK Alliance just another attempt to solve important minority issues simply by throwing money at it?
police violence

The Gordian Knot of Police Violence

After all the protests and riots, what will it take to serious tackle a problem white people know little about
Earth Day

Earth Day Plus 45

After forty-five Earth Days, government action is more necessary than ever
candidate clinton

A Couple Concerns Regarding Candidate Clinton

After decades in the public eye, what will a $2.5 billion campaign tell us about her that we don’t already know?
california drought

Ways to Tackle the Extreme California Drought

The Golden State has suffered through drought before, but this time Californians are going to need more than a prayer or rain dance
Peter Singer

Peter Singer’s Charity Challenge

Singer says it's more important to give to charities that benefit the world’s poor instead of elite institutions, but it's not that simple
progressive books

Progressive Books for Progressive People

Some lessor known progressive books we should all be reading