Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Tyrone Townsend is a writer, illustrator, and occasional blogger. He has his works published in the Veterans Writing Project and Maudlin House. He contributes his talents to the Armstrong Atlantic newspaper and Superbious.
american dream

The American Dream Delusion

With a disappearing middle class and high levels of poverty, is the American Dream still a thing?
hate groups

Ruled by Hate: Hate Groups in America

The rise in hate groups and hate crimes in the past year is staggering

Anger: The Emotion that Fuels America

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we can only be mad at ourselves
Loose Cannon President

Trump: The Loose Cannon President?

The Donald is such an unpredictable flip-flopper, there is no telling what he would do as President
Illiteracy Statistics

American Illiteracy Statistics: The nightmare in the Shadows

No one likes to acknowledge the illiterate elephant in the room, but the statistics are damning and frighting