Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Wendy Cooper is an attorney in Michigan. She also writes for The Epoch Times and has written articles for the American Bar Association Health Care section and the Ann Arbor News. She can be reached at her Facebook page or on Twitter @WendyBCooper
right to privacy, covid-19

Covid-19 Heath Monitors and the End of Your Right to Privacy

Where should the line be drawn when it comes to Heath Monitors and our right to privacy?
sodomy ban

Reaffirming Michigan’s Sodomy Ban

Although banning sodomy has been deemed unconstitutional across the country, Michigan's new anti-sodomy law still poses a threat to the LGBT community

Three Reasons Why the Flint Water Crisis Is Far from Over

Part of the Republican response to the poisoning of Flint has been to deny the crisis even exists
Rick Snyder

Flint Water Scandal: Time for Rick Snyder to Go

Following the Governor's State of the State speech and email dump, it's clearer than ever that Snyder should resign
flint water crisis

The Flint Water Crisis: How an Entire City was Poisoned by the State

To add injury to insult, it has taken Governor Snyder two years to respond to the crises
Marco Rubio

Is Marco Rubio about to be Outed?

The Republican presidential candidate's shady political past is slowly but surely catching up to him
secret terrorist prisons

America’s Secret Terrorist Prisons

These two secret and unconstitutional “little Guantanamos” were designed to keep Americans locked up and and their mouths shut
Civil Forfeiture

Civil Forfeiture: How the Police are Stealing From You

It's legalized highway robbery and the theives are the public servants charged with protecting the public
Todd Courser

Todd Courser, Gays and the End of Days

Michigan’s Christian conservative politicians are going to ridiculous lengths to prevent gays from getting married
Rights And Responsibilities

Republicans, Rights And Responsibilities

Republicans need to take responsibility for the rights they hold dear as well as the rights they do not
Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

Three Reasons To Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

Reasons to unite behind Clinton if she proves to be the runaway Democratic nominee
things republicans make up

Incredibly Stupid Things Republicans Make Up

Cancerous abortions, masturbating fetuses, Obama the Anti-Christ, what's next?

Why I Don’t Have #QuestionsforMen

Why should a woman care about a man’s opinion if they refuse to respect women?

In the NFL, Balls Matter, Women Don’t

Why does the NFL prefer to talk about their balls instead of the real issues plaguing the league?
Dave Agema

Catholic Church to Dave Agema: You’re Just a Bigoted Jerk

The church has had enough of the racist ramblings coming from the Michigan RNC Committeeman
Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Michigan’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Republicans in Michigan are getting closer to providing citizens with a license to discriminate
Stand your ground

Stand Your Ground Law is a License to Kill

A new study reveals mass confusion among police, prosecutors, and judges with "stand your ground" laws, which allows killers to go free
Quality Public School Education

No Right to a Quality Public School Education

Following Governor Snyder's billion dollar cut to public education, a Michigan Court ruled that students don't have to actually learn
What to do if you are Stopped by the Police

What to do if you are Stopped by the Police

Legal advice on how to keep those pesky police stops routine and without incident
Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder, No-Bid Contracts and Back Rubs

The corruption of Rick Snyder and the Republicans in Michigan has risen to another level