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Wendy Cooper

Wendy Cooper is an attorney in Michigan. She also writes for The Epoch Times and has written articles for the American Bar Association Health Care section and the Ann Arbor News. She can be reached at her Facebook page or on Twitter @WendyBCooper
Issy Stapleton

Issy Stapleton: A Tragic Result of Cutting Social Programs

One glaring example of the toll cuts to social programs can have on families is the caring for an autistic child or young adult. Studies have shown that early intervention is crucial for autistic children...
men’s rights activists

A Feminist’s Response to Men’s Rights Activists

The women’s rights movement as I know it has been a slow, laborious process with many gains and many setbacks. I consider myself a feminist and I believe that women are still struggling to gain equality
Olivia McConnell

8-Year-Old Olivia McConnell Takes on Republican Creationists

Olivia McConnell has a passion for science. So much so that she spends her school recess looking for shark’s teeth. Her passion led her to the discovery that South Carolina does not have a state fossil.
Rick Perry

Man Down: Rick Perry in the Crosshairs

This time it is Texas Gov. Rick Perry who is now the subject of a grand jury investigation. After spending 14 years as King of Texas, while punishing political rivals, his last battle in office may end his hopes of becoming the Grand Poobah.
Emotional Correctness in Politics

Sally Kohn and Emotional Correctness in Politics

We need to reverse the “outrage machine” we see in politics, but how? One idea that is picking up steam is “emotional correctness.” It is the brain child of Sally Kohn, a liberal pundit at Fox News.

The Battle of Bunkerville: Revolution 2.0?

Has the second American Revolution begun? If you believe the militiamen that attended last week’s “Battle of Bunkerville” in Nevada, it’s here and they have won the first conflict.
paul ryan

Paul Ryan, Dog Whistles and Poverty

Is Paul Ryan truly concerned about poverty or is he simply pandering for votes? What is clear, is that his comments have shown someone who has no understanding of what it takes to fix poverty.
prescription drugs

How Americans got Addicted to Prescription Drugs

In 2012, almost $326 billion dollars was spent on prescription drugs alone. When drug companies are funding the studies and recommending treatment options, it creates a system where treatment is no longer based on hard scientific fact
obesity disease, obese barbie

The Obesity Disease Lie

Millions of Americans found out they had a disease last year. This disease came about thanks to the decision by the American Medical Association (AMA) classifying obesity as a “multi-metabolic and hormonal disease state.”
Fred Phelps

Making My Peace with Fred Phelps

I hated Fred Phelps. Everything about him made my skin crawl. After his death, however, I read Mark Silk’s blog post “Thank God For Fred Phelps.” Silk argued that Fred Phelps “made religious hostility to homosexuality repulsive.” And to some degree he is right.
False Super PAC Ads

A Citizens Guide to Fighting False Super PAC Ads

Super Pac ads tend to take a fraction of the truth and morph it into an outright lie. You don't have to just sit in front of the television and get angry. You can take action with this guide and stop the lies being spread by these PACs.
America's Broken Justice System

Facts about America’s Broken Justice System

We incarcerate an estimated 716 people per 100,000 citizens. By contrast, Russia stands at 484 per 100,000, China 121, and Iran 284. All countries most Americans consider to have dismal human rights records compared to the U.S.
Health Care Vouchers

Health Care Vouchers are Not the Answer

Ken Braun proposes to offer health care vouchers that divide what the government spends on health care evenly among the masses, but it falls well short of a one-size-fits-all solution.
Todd Kincannon

Todd Kincannon: The Epitome of Manly White Republican

Todd Kincannon is the former Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP. His specialty is shooting down gays, blacks, Asians, and women in 140 characters or less armed with only his twitter account.
michigan department of environmental quality

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drops the Ball

Roughly 200 people attended an informational meeting regarding the proposed outdoor storage facility for pet coke. It was hosted by the MDEQ who cited questionable studies to support its safety.
detroit petcoke

Detroit Petcoke Moves Downriver

Koch Carbon quietly used Detroit’s shoreline to dump a pile of petcoke three-stories high that spans one city block. After residents began documenting their injuries, Detroit Mayor, David Bing ordered the pile removed... It's being moved 3 miles downriver.
minimum wage workers

Minimum Wage Workers and Ford Fiestas

Donald Boudreaux, a libertarian professor of economics wrongly suggests that by raising the minimum wage, employers of low-skilled labor will instead purchase high-skilled labor and reduce the market for the low-skilled workers in the process.

Can Unions Recover from Republican Misinformation?

What people hear are Republican voices telling them unions are bad for the economy and do nothing to protect workers. Unions will need to spend all of their efforts to change the narrative or they just may become a relic of the past
war on women

The War on Women Does Not Stop With Abortion

It would seem that Republicans have been studying up on the principles outlined in the Art of War and are masterfully using them to attack women in dozens of states and forcing us to fight back on every front.
supreme court, gay marriage

The Supreme Court of Cowards

The justices of the United States Supreme Court, citing the regret of deciding Roe v. Wade, (1973), before it played out in the court of public opinion, have left married same-sex couples with an uncertain and fragmented union.