Sunday, February 5, 2023
Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy

Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy May Well Have Consequences

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is looking very vulnerable in the polls
Joe Biden Has A Huge Lead

Joe Biden Has A Huge Lead, But…

In another time, a lead like this would have Republicans rethinking their raison d'être
Poll Watcher

Being a Poll Watcher or Scrutineer is Part of Democracy

Poll watching is a fundamental part of democracy that Democrats need to embrace this year
accept an election loss

Both Republicans and Democrats Will Not Accept an Election Loss

Less than one third of Americans believe the November election will be conducted in an open and honest way
Biden, Endorsement from Rick Snyder

Why the Hell did Biden Accept an Endorsement from Rick Snyder?

Touting the endorsement tells Michiganders that their votes are more important than their lives
trump's corruption, pompeo, eric trump

Trump’s Corruption Displayed Proudly on Day Two of Convention

The second night of the Republican National Convention was a showcase of Trump's corruption
Republican Convention, alternative reality

Alternative Reality, Hate and Fear on Display at Republican Convention

On day one of the 2020 Republican Convention, an alternative reality emerged along with all the hate and fear you'd expect.
Postal Funding Package

Trump to Veto Postal Funding Package for the Dumbest Reason

Donald Trump took to twitter this morning after the House passed an emergency postal funding package yesterday, the result is what you've grown to expect.
pelosi endorses Kennedy, aoc

AOC Furious as Pelosi Endorses Kennedy Over Progressive Incumbent

Progressives anger over Pelosi endorsement of Joe Kennedy, an oil investor, over Green New Deal co-author Ed Markey
Covington Kid, st louis couple

St Louis Couple & Covington Kid to Speak at Republican Convention

The St Louis couple and the Covington Kid, conservatives made famous by the mainstream media, are set to speak at the Republican National Convention.
kamala harris vp

The Kamala Harris VP Pick is the Best of the Worst

The choice of Kamala Harris for VP is the best progressives could have expected from Biden
democratic national convention 2020

The Democratic National Convention Leaves the Left in the Cold

Speakers at the Democratic National Convention next week will be disproportionately underrepresented on the left
Wealthy Republicans, joe biden

Billionaires for Biden: Why some Wealthy Republicans are Jumping Ship

In fear of losing democracy, rich Republicans are abandoning Trump and donating to the Biden Campaign
foreign policy team, joe biden

Be Aware of Joe Biden’s Horrendous Foreign Policy Team

Biden’s current circle of foreign policy advisers have a history of supporting disastrous U.S. military interventions
Cori Bush, the squad

With Cori Bush, “The Squad” Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

Progressive Cori Bush joins a growing club of activist women of color trying to bring change to Washington
attacks on Joe Biden, trump, fists, fighting

Why Trump’s Attacks on Joe Biden are Ringing Hollow

How can Trump attack anyone whose polices and moral philosophy are better than his?
delaying the election

Trump Suggests Delaying the Election

President Trump, for the first time, suggested delaying the election in fear of the most "INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history"
radical leftist, joe biden

Demonizing Joe Biden as a Radical Leftist

The Trump Campaign is trying to cast Joe Biden as a radical leftist. It's far from the truth, but it's a moniker Biden should embrace
Trump stepping down

Why Trump Stepping Down Now Would Not be Ideal

Reports that Trump is thinking about calling it quits is not necessarily good news...
Donald Trump will lose in 2020

Five Reasons Donald Trump Will Lose in November

There are multiple reasons to be optimistic about Trump's downfall this November