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government shutdown

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013

Quiet Mike likes to end the year with a little tradition. Since we believe you can find a little humor in anything, we are once again presenting a year in review made up of our Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013.
progressive books

Progressive Books for Progressive People

Some lessor known progressive books we should all be reading
The Corporation

Five Progressive Documentaries Everyone Needs to See

When a book or news article isn't enough, we turn to well thought documentaries.
Political Horror Movies

Top 10 Political Horror Movies

A top 10 list of scary flicks with deep political and social meaning
pigs of animal farm

The Real World Pigs of Animal Farm

If George Orwell were to write the Animal Farm book today, perhaps he would write it as a warning about unregulated capitalism and the free market.
Look Who's Back

Look Who’s Back – A Warning from History

Netflix's "Look Who's Back" has Hitler come back in the 21st century to thunderous applause
Canada soldier

Canada is not a Peaceful Nation

Contrary to what some people believe, Canada has gotten its hands bloody pretty often lately
new years resolution

The Only New Years Resolution You Need

Carpe Diem! Why New Year's resolutions happen all year long
jon stewart

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart's flippant attitude towards voting has turned a longtime fan against him
Shark Week

Discovery’s Shark Week has Betrayed the Sharks

Discovery Channel brought me beauty in a bad world. It showed me that with education, there is diminished terror. But now Shark Week has become Sharknado without the cyclone, and Discovery should be renamed The Hyperbole Channel
best memes of October 2013

The Best Memes of October 2013

The Best Memes of October 2013 featuring George Carlin, Jon Stewart, the Government Shutdown, Obamacare Facts vs. Fiction and more.
Culture of Fear

America’s Culture of Fear and Gun Control

The only way to kick the gun death problem is by dismissing the culture of fear that fuels it

DePaul University vs. Milo Yiannopoulos

Conservatives, no matter how wrong they are, should still be allowed to speak
Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand and Christian Republicans

Two philosophies that couldn't be further apart have contradictingly come together
Star Trek

Star Trek – The Conservative Nightmare

Why Conservatives hated Star Trek long before Obama admitted to loving Spock

Superheroes Are About Morality, Not Politics

Chuck Dixon recently wrote a piece with Paul Rivoche for the Wall Street Journal, talking about how hard it was being a conservative writer in the comics industry and how it led to him being "blacklisted."
Crimea Cartoon

Crimea Cartoon: The Russian Dolls Game

A Crimea cartoon, using Russian dolls to demonstrate how the bigger territories want to swallow up the smaller ones
trevor noah

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, and American Prejudice

When the new host of the Daily Show was announced, Americans had mixed reactions

Year in Review: Best Editorial Cartoons 2014

26 editorial cartoons that best summarize the year that was
best memes of 2015

Quiet Mike’s Best Memes of 2015

From Donald Trump, to Kim Davis to the NRA, 2015 was full of meme-able moments