Saturday, February 27, 2021
Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary: The Canadian Donald Trump?

Another rich businessman and reality show star with a flair for saying insensitive things is considering a run for political office
spitting image, trump, melania

Spitting Image is Back and Roasting Everyone

The British satirical television puppet show is back and just as funny and offensive as it used to be
Star Trek

Star Trek – The Conservative Nightmare

Why Conservatives hated Star Trek long before Obama admitted to loving Spock
best memes of October 2013

The Best Memes of October 2013

The Best Memes of October 2013 featuring George Carlin, Jon Stewart, the Government Shutdown, Obamacare Facts vs. Fiction and more.

DePaul University vs. Milo Yiannopoulos

Conservatives, no matter how wrong they are, should still be allowed to speak
Kanye West Presidential Announcement

Don’t Take Kanye West’s Presidential Announcement Seriously

Borrowing from Trump, Kanye West’s presidential announcement is nothing more than self promotion to further enrich himself
new years resolution

The Only New Years Resolution You Need

Carpe Diem! Why New Year's resolutions happen all year long
Olympic athletes, Ashton Eaton, Gabby Douglas

Why are Americans Shaming their Olympic Athletes?

No matter the accomplishment, the American flag is held higher than the athletes who play for it

The NFL Has Fumbled the Ball

I used to enjoy the NFL back in the day. It was the glory days of the league, where institutions and mythologies were established. Now these institutions have become nothing more than a huge stable of cash cows.

Year in Review: Best Editorial Cartoons 2014

26 editorial cartoons that best summarize the year that was
jon stewart

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart's flippant attitude towards voting has turned a longtime fan against him
Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks

Why I Would Never Vote for Dwayne Johnson

The Rock jokes that he is a better candidate for president than President Trump, but that’s not good enough.
pigs of animal farm

The Real World Pigs of Animal Farm

If George Orwell were to write the Animal Farm book today, perhaps he would write it as a warning about unregulated capitalism and the free market.
taylor swift

Taylor Swift is No Hero

In her letter to Apple, Swift wasn't exactly looking out for the little guy

Media Jokes Land Close to Home at the WHCD

Obama and Wilmore humiliated the media hard at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner
brazil olympics evictions

Brazil Olympics, Brazil Evictions

Forced evictions before the World Cup and now the Olympics has displaced thousands against their will
run the jewels, rtj4, review

Run the Jewels – RTJ4 Album Review

The perfect political album at the perfect time
pussy riot

The Passion of Pussy Riot

This band of activists has a passion for the welfare of their country, a deep desire to make it better. What they do takes guts, something sorely missing in western democracies.
progressive manifesto

Capitalists and Workers: A Progressive Manifesto

Eight affirmations for the twenty-first century progressive
Dave Chappelle’s 8:46

Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 Nails the Time We Live In

It doesn't matter if you're funny or not, when you're Dave Chappelle, people just want to know what you have to say