Sunday, December 3, 2023
progressive books

Progressive Books for Progressive People

Some lessor known progressive books we should all be reading
trevor noah

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, and American Prejudice

When the new host of the Daily Show was announced, Americans had mixed reactions
National Recording Registry

What Does Our Music Say About Us?

You can tell a lot about the progressiveness of America by the songs you'll find in the National Recording Registry
Star Trek

Star Trek – The Conservative Nightmare

Why Conservatives hated Star Trek long before Obama admitted to loving Spock

Of Catfish and Cyber-Stalkers

Catfish isn't just a silly TV show, it's a real problem and a dangerous one
American Sniper

American Sniper Is Pure Propaganda

American Sniper is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of militarist propaganda

The too Big to Fail NFL

How the behavior of the NFL is not unlike a too big to fail bank

In the NFL, Balls Matter, Women Don’t

Why does the NFL prefer to talk about their balls instead of the real issues plaguing the league?

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Great Reconciler

Unlike some scientists, Tyson works for a broader audience, regardless of religious beliefs
new years resolution

The Only New Years Resolution You Need

Carpe Diem! Why New Year's resolutions happen all year long

Year in Review: Best Editorial Cartoons 2014

26 editorial cartoons that best summarize the year that was

Cancelling The Interview

One country attacks another over a stoner comedy. Sounds like a good idea for a film.
progressive manifesto

Capitalists and Workers: A Progressive Manifesto

Eight affirmations for the twenty-first century progressive
kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron is not Saving Christmas

It's time for Kirk Cameron to say something outrageous, he's got a new film...
jon stewart

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart's flippant attitude towards voting has turned a longtime fan against him
Political Horror Movies

Top 10 Political Horror Movies

A top 10 list of scary flicks with deep political and social meaning
Canada soldier

Canada is not a Peaceful Nation

Contrary to what some people believe, Canada has gotten its hands bloody pretty often lately
Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand and Christian Republicans

Two philosophies that couldn't be further apart have contradictingly come together
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, Sensationalism and the Fairness Doctrine

Jon Stewart tries to follow the Fairness Doctrine as the corporate media continues to favor sensationalism over substance

The Recurring Rationalization of Racism

Semantics, pivots, false equivalencies, insane conspiracy theories and stupid jokes are all ways of not facing the issue of racism