Sunday, December 3, 2023
Shark Week

Discovery’s Shark Week has Betrayed the Sharks

Discovery Channel brought me beauty in a bad world. It showed me that with education, there is diminished terror. But now Shark Week has become Sharknado without the cyclone, and Discovery should be renamed The Hyperbole Channel
Celebrity Worship

Celebrity Worship: The Worst Drug in America

In the last few decades, America has taken to worshiping false idols, and I don’t just mean those found on American Idol. It has gotten so bad that a whole medical condition has been born from it; celebrity worship syndrome.
The Corporation

Five Progressive Documentaries Everyone Needs to See

When a book or news article isn't enough, we turn to well thought documentaries.

Superheroes Are About Morality, Not Politics

Chuck Dixon recently wrote a piece with Paul Rivoche for the Wall Street Journal, talking about how hard it was being a conservative writer in the comics industry and how it led to him being "blacklisted."
World Cup Cartoon

World Cup Cartoon

Starting today, the world cup of Soccer (or football) will be the talk of the globe for the next five weeks. While it will...
Culture of Fear

America’s Culture of Fear and Gun Control

The only way to kick the gun death problem is by dismissing the culture of fear that fuels it

Godzilla: Nature’s Avenger!

Godzilla is an allegory on the blow-back of nature. While the main antagonist monsters are parasite beasts that feed from human generated nuclear energy, Godzilla acts as a “balance.” In short, his awakening was designed to clean up the mess made by humans.

Aereo and the Future of Television

last month the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case called ABC v. Aereo. American Broadcasting Service is suing a streaming service for copyright infringement. At first glance, it looks like a David and Goliath case where Aereo is a little guy being bullied by a huge television network
Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling, Racism and the Media

Thanks to Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, the 24 hour news cycle can stop reporting about the missing Malaysian airliner. We have a old, but new issue to discuss again, that being racism and bigotry in the United States
noah movie

The Noah Movie is not that Religious

When news broke that director Darren Aronofsky was releasing a film about the re-telling of Noah’s Ark, many had mixed feelings. Atheists and secularists were skeptical of the film while Christians seemed to praise the idea. However, since the films release, the reactions have flipped.

Baseball: Therapy for a Divided Country

America is not as divided as you think it is. You need only go to a ballgame to understand why. Yes, there are some loudmouths and whackos, but those folks are everywhere in life. The ballgame makes you realize just how much of a minority they are.
Crimea Cartoon

Crimea Cartoon: The Russian Dolls Game

A Crimea cartoon, using Russian dolls to demonstrate how the bigger territories want to swallow up the smaller ones
pussy riot

The Passion of Pussy Riot

This band of activists has a passion for the welfare of their country, a deep desire to make it better. What they do takes guts, something sorely missing in western democracies.
Neil Young

Where are all the Politically Inspired Musicians?

There is nothing I like more than seeing someone speak out against war, injustice and oppression, especially when it's spoken with rhythm. Politically inspired musicians have always inspired me to do what I do, but they're all but gone.
Xenophobia, super bowl commercial

The Super Bowl, Safety Nets, and Xenophobia

The Super Bowl was played this past Sunday, between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. From Coca-Cola to John Elway, Super Bowl Sunday has a knack for exposing some people's true colors.
Obama, Hemp, cartoon

Barack Obama Hemp Cartoon

Nemo's Obama Hemp Cartoon. Hemp is all the Hope we Need

The NFL Has Fumbled the Ball

I used to enjoy the NFL back in the day. It was the glory days of the league, where institutions and mythologies were established. Now these institutions have become nothing more than a huge stable of cash cows.
Canadian Shame

Exporting Canadian Shame for American Entertainment

When Americans think of the exports Canada provides them, I would imagine oil, maple syrup and hockey players are at the top of the list. In the last couple years however, our biggest export has become what amounts to Canadian Shame.
government shutdown

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013

Quiet Mike likes to end the year with a little tradition. Since we believe you can find a little humor in anything, we are once again presenting a year in review made up of our Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013.