Monday, May 29, 2023
Kyle Rittenhouse

The Privilege of Being Kyle Rittenhouse

How Kyle Rittenhouse benefited from white privilege after shooting unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters
edward snowden, trump

Trump or No Trump, Time to Bring Edward Snowden Home

Whether Donald Trump pardons Edward Snowden or not, liberals need to support the whistle-blower's freedom
right to privacy, covid-19

Covid-19 Heath Monitors and the End of Your Right to Privacy

Where should the line be drawn when it comes to Heath Monitors and our right to privacy?
left-wing violence

Left-Wing Violence in the United States is Completely Made Up

President Trump and his Fox News allies have no legs to stand on when it comes to left-wing violence in the United States
Consent Culture

Consent Culture is Not Just About Sex

Consent culture and how it applies to every day life, not just sexual situations
BLM activists

BLM Activists Shouldn’t Settle for Mere Symbolic Change

Symbolic change by corporations and TV shows do little to help the Black Lives Matter movement address systemic racism
racism, violence in the United States

Most of the Violence in the United States is Directly Related to Racism

Racism and the violence it fuels is precisely correlated to how a country treats its citizens
police reform, reform police

A Genuine Way to Institute Serious Police Reform

Believe it or not, substantial reform is possible without touching police funding and unions
racism in canada

Racism in Canada is Much Worse than People Think

Racism is very much alive in the great white north despite its well-behaved stereotype
Inspiring Speeches

Three Inspiring Speeches from America’s Week of Unrest

After a week of violence and unrest, we could all use a bit of inspiration
History of Rioting

A History of Rioting for Social Change

Riots can be destructive, hazardous, and frightening, but also necessary for serious social change
Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct and the Culture War Between Left and Right

The Charlie Rose allegations are another front in a culture war that's splitting America down ideological lines
Trump's Racism

Trump’s Racism Shines Through Hurricanes

Trump's Hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands speaks volumes about his disdain for minorities
Columbus Day

It’s Time for Columbus Day to End

There is absolutely no reason to celebrate a man who never even set foot in the United States
Confederate statues

Confederate Statues are a Symptom of a Larger Issue

What kind of people honor men who desired to oppress others?
Transgender, Trump

Trump Can’t Ban Transgender People from the Military Unilaterally

His anti-transgender tweets were meant as a distraction after another bad week, but should still be taken seriously
BDS movement

U.S. Lawmakers want to Criminalize the BDS Movement

Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz among those who wish to outlaw support for the boycott campaign against Israel
De-escalation Techniques

De-escalation Techniques in Law Enforcement Work

If we want peace in our community, American police must move away from "The Force Model" of law enforcement
March Against Sharia

The Real Purpose Behind the March Against Sharia

The motivation behind the protests was about provocation, not Sharia Law
DNC Lawsuit, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The DNC Lawsuit the Media Refuses to Cover and its Importance

The Democratic National Committee is being sued for fraud and their defense spits in the face of Democracy