Saturday, February 27, 2021
Commandment Against Homosexuality

Where is the Commandment Against Homosexuality?

If being LGBT is a sin, why isn't it in the Ten Commandments?

NRA Cheerleader Rob Kinnison: “More N*ggers, More Guns”

You don't need to look very far to find the racist element of the NRA
bush administration lawsuit

Bush Administration Lawsuit Hearing Scheduled for Sept. 11th

Last summer, Inder Comar, Esq. filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration on behalf of Iraqi refugee plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh. It is a noble attempt to hold the Bush Administration accountable for war crimes and a case that Quiet Mike has been following from the beginning.
Cultural Marxism, Anti-immigrant protestors in Texas

Cultural Marxism and the Roots of Conservative Hatred

The other day, I got attacked because I tweeted an article about immigration. The account called itself End Cultural Marxism. I rarely engage these folks, there's no point, although I do check out their feeds and get a feel for who they are and what they're all about. This particular account ended up leading me down quite a rabbit hole.
San Carlos Correctional Facility

The Tragic Life of Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez died on a cold concrete floor of a prison cell at San Carlos Correctional Facility. He did not die alone in his cell, but in front of several guards that deemed his unresponsive state a behavioral problem. Only Mr. Lopez was not being uncooperative, he was experiencing a serious medical event.

Eric Garner: Justice Can’t Breathe

Justice for Americans with darker skin has been caught in a choke-hold

Liberal Hypocrisy: The Left-Wing and Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks have recently revealed an interesting and disturbing trend among people on the left. Many, rather prominent people, on the liberal/progressive circuit have roundly condemned Edward Snowden as a traitor for leaking the classified PRISM program of the NSA
Prison Inequality

Prison Inequality: Women and Race

Gender inequality isn't limited to wages, it's also alive and well in our justice system

Samuel L. Jackson is Right About Mass Shooters

Mass shootings by white men happen all the time, yet white Americans are not stigmatized for it.
Female Prison Industrial Complex

The Female Prison Industrial Complex

In the midst of our overpopulated prison system, the growth rate for women going to prison is higher than men

Why Some People Deny White Privilege Exists

The easy answer to explain the denial of White Privilege is racism, but it's more complex than that.
racial tension

The People Who Profit from Racial Tension

Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear
Stephen Snyder-Hill

Steve Snyder-Hill and Rick Santorum: A Tale of Two Men

Snyder-Hill has become a world famous gay rights activist thanks in part to ex-Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who's moving closer to obscurity.
hate groups

Ruled by Hate: Hate Groups in America

The rise in hate groups and hate crimes in the past year is staggering

Angelina Jolie Pitt Op-Ed Sparks Right-Wing Criticism

The haters come out after Angelina Jolie's ovaries and fallopian tubes are surgically removed
Ray Rice

Ray Rice and the Innocence of Domestic Violence

Last February, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice hit his fiance so hard that she got knocked unconscious. A video shows Rice trying to drag her body back to their room. Rice’s lawyer referred to the incident as “a minor physical altercation.” Rice pled not guilty and did not stand trial since it was his first offense. Then the NFL got involved, but not so anyone would notice.
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Takes A Stand Against Gay Death Penalty

The California Attorney General has called out Matthew Gregory McLaughlin's disturbing ballot initiative
Social Inequality

The Intersection of Race and Social Inequality

Examining the link between social inequality and racism in America
montreal language protest

Montreal: International City or Hub of Hate?

Montreal is know throughout the world for it's video game companies, it's successful hockey team, smoked meat and a thriving porn industry. But is Montreal a true international city? No.
Oregon Standoff

Oregon Standoff is about Provoking a War

The militiamen standoff in Oregon is not about ranching, arson or public land that never belonged to them