Saturday, February 27, 2021
racial tension

The People Who Profit from Racial Tension

Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear

The Recurring Rationalization of Racism

Semantics, pivots, false equivalencies, insane conspiracy theories and stupid jokes are all ways of not facing the issue of racism
police violence

The Gordian Knot of Police Violence

After all the protests and riots, what will it take to serious tackle a problem white people know little about
Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter

Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter are not the enemy

There is no one to blame for the Bernie Sanders interruption except ourselves
cecil the lion

Cecil the Lion and the Problem with Trophy Hunting

What Walter Palmer did to Cecil wasn’t hunting and he should face justice
Confederate statues

Confederate Statues are a Symptom of a Larger Issue

What kind of people honor men who desired to oppress others?
Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling: Another Day, Another Police Shooting

With over 500 police shootings in 2016 already, Mr. Sterling becomes just another police victim
Kim Davis is a Prime Example of Basic Civil Law

Kim Davis is a Prime Example of Basic Civil Law

By making us aware of what they really mean by "religious freedom," Kim Davis may be the Religious Right's worst nightmare
police brutality statistics

Abused by the State: Police Brutality Statistics

Police brutality statistics and those related to generalized misconduct are not typically things which occupy a place of importance in the mind of the American public. The truth is that officer misconduct is a very real problem facing Americans.
secret terrorist prisons

America’s Secret Terrorist Prisons

These two secret and unconstitutional “little Guantanamos” were designed to keep Americans locked up and and their mouths shut

Liberal Hypocrisy: The Left-Wing and Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks have recently revealed an interesting and disturbing trend among people on the left. Many, rather prominent people, on the liberal/progressive circuit have roundly condemned Edward Snowden as a traitor for leaking the classified PRISM program of the NSA

#BlueLivesMatter Might Actually Be Hurting the Police

It's ethically uncool to hijack a hashtag and attention from others onto yourself, no matter how noble your intent.
racism, violence in the United States

Most of the Violence in the United States is Directly Related to Racism

Racism and the violence it fuels is precisely correlated to how a country treats its citizens
donald trump, Republican Party Embarrassment

The Real Republican Party Embarrassment

Who's the more embarrassing ... Trump or the fools that follow him?

Absolute Power Corrupts Conservatively

After five long years and two election victories with minority governments, Stephen Harper won his first majority last May in surprising fashion. Despite having numerous unpopular social policies, Harper managed to win an additional 23 seats guaranteeing full control in the House of Commons.
History of Rioting

A History of Rioting for Social Change

Riots can be destructive, hazardous, and frightening, but also necessary for serious social change
Kim Davis

Kim Davis: The Mother of All Religious Hypocrites

The anti-gay clerk from Kentucky is definitely not the face of Christian morality
Riley v. California

Riley v. California & the Fourth Amendment

A decision in the case titled Riley v. California came out yesterday with a victory for David Riley and for the rest of us. The case decided whether the police may, without a warrant, search digital information on a cell phone seized from an individual who has been arrested.

Cheerios and Racism

I watched the most recent Cheerios ad it on You Tube and at the end, when Daddy wakes from his nap with Cheerios on his shirt, most people said "Awwww!", some did not. Some used words like Nazi and troglodyte and made horrible comments under the video. All because Mom was white and Dad was black.

Who Says “No” to #YesAllWomen?

In the wake of Elliot Rodger's lethal and misogynistic rampage #YesAllWomen began trending on twitter. Powerful statements have been made about the horrors women regularly experience. It was eye-opening. Naturally, it was immediately attacked by the boorish and hateful.