Monday, December 4, 2023
Party of hate

Republicans Have Chosen to Remain the Party of Hate

Conservative distaste for minorities has always been there, but I can’t remember a time when it was directly in front of us like this. I suppose this is the result of the Information Age coupled with a Black President and a vocal extremist wing called the Tea Party.

Black People aren’t Allowed to Stand Their Ground

Since the stand your ground law was introduced in 2005 by the American Legislative Exchange Council and the NRA, one thing has become abundantly clear; if you’re black, but try and stand your ground in Florida, you’ll be punished. The stand your ground law was created by, passed by and only accommodates white people.

An Open Letter to Trayvon Martin

You did not deserve to die Trayvon. It is hard for so many of us to imagine being treated the way you were while walking home in your own neighborhood. I will never understand the humiliations that come with being a young black kid in America, and the profiling that comes with it.

The Inherent Rudeness of the Tea Party

Over the past few years, America has been introduced to a new level of rudeness thanks in no small part to the Tea Party. We are inundated on a daily basis with crass and insulting behavior from Tea Party members, pundits and politicians and when you have an entire political party refusing to engage in any sort of respectful dialogue, you have a problem.

Racial America: Paula Deen and the Supreme Court

Paula Deen with the true innocence of a Southern Belle, exposed herself as a woefully ignorant racist. All I will say is that I am all set to forgive her. If Paula Deen was so gloriously delusional, pathetically misguided, and confessed her sins in such a straightforward and matter-of-fact manner, all the while denying that she is a racist, then in her head, her words and actions were not racist

… And Justice For A Few

Seems the Supreme Court is one of the few institutions in the country that can be both right and wrong within the same 24 hour period. Within this 24 hour period the Supreme Court struck down a major section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and also struck down the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996.

Liberal Hypocrisy: The Left-Wing and Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks have recently revealed an interesting and disturbing trend among people on the left. Many, rather prominent people, on the liberal/progressive circuit have roundly condemned Edward Snowden as a traitor for leaking the classified PRISM program of the NSA

Cheerios and Racism

I watched the most recent Cheerios ad it on You Tube and at the end, when Daddy wakes from his nap with Cheerios on his shirt, most people said "Awwww!", some did not. Some used words like Nazi and troglodyte and made horrible comments under the video. All because Mom was white and Dad was black.

In Praise of Muslims

If the true hero behind the heroes go unnoticed, law abiding Muslims will continue to suffer unwarranted racism and prejudice. Let’s face it, the main reason Canada remains unscathed by a major terrorist attack is thanks to the Muslim Community.

The Gender Wage Gap in Canada

The most relevant method of measuring equality is comparing the money we earn from paid work; our income. According to the last publication on the subject from the Parliament of Canada, women still earn a shockingly mere 71.4 cents for every dollar earned by a man

Divided We Dance

The Prom is still segregated at Wilcox County High School in Georgia, but a handful of seniors are taking a stand. Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace and Keela Bloodworth — two of which are white with the other two being black, have decided to have a party of their own

Aren’t We All a Nation of Immigrants?

The country we all know as the United States is a nation created by immigrants, lots and lots of immigrants. Some came willingly, others not so much. Regardless, the nation that millions of us now call home was built by immigrants fleeing the old world in pursuit of new found freedoms in the United States.

Absolute Power Corrupts Conservatively

After five long years and two election victories with minority governments, Stephen Harper won his first majority last May in surprising fashion. Despite having numerous unpopular social policies, Harper managed to win an additional 23 seats guaranteeing full control in the House of Commons.

Right Wing Nuts & Bolts

It's hard to believe that a country as tolerant as Norway can produce such a rotten apple, but even in peaceful, progressive countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark hate and fear can still exist. Emotional and political acts of terrorism aren't all that surprising in countries like the U.S., where much of their culture and history comes from the intolerance of others, but it just goes to show that even in the most tolerant of societies like Norway there can live a misguided, hateful and racist man...

Little Mosque in the City

What makes New York City great is that it's a melting pot of nationalities, races and religions. Where ever you come from in this world you can be sure there is a community waiting for you there. That's why it incenses me that certain conservatives along with a majority of New Yorkers themselves oppose the building of a mosque, given Manhattan's cultural diversity.

Mental Militias

Extremism, radicalism and fanaticism all can have different meanings, often times though, they all come together. These words can complement anything from religion to politics, even sports.

I Still Haven’t Gotten to Arizona

Is it my imagination or was Chuck D. not exaggerating when he said the whole state was racist? Twenty odd years after the state of Arizona rejected the federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, with the help of the Arizona State Senate, have decided to target a new color. I believe it will be quite hard for a regular hard working legal Latino immigrant to live in peace from now on, even if he or she is already an American citizen.