Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Confederate Monuments

Down with Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

Most Louisiana residents oppose the removal, but don't understand the Confederacy shouldn't be honored
Legal Marijuana in Canada

Legal Marijuana in Canada will soon be a Reality, but…

The legislation put forth by the Liberal Government to legalize weed is so bad, you'd think it was written by conservatives
Women's History Month

A Women’s History Month to Remember

How hope for women's rights were lost and found at the beginning of the Trump Administration
shree chauhan, Sean Spicer

The Danger of Eugenics: Shree Chauhan vs. Sean Spicer

In questioning the White House spokesperson, Shree Chauhan reveals Sean Spicer's true beliefs
Female Pioneers

Fifteen Female Pioneers and their Contributions

A substantial female contribution to human knowledge
Precedents, Ryan, Mcconnell

Where Have all the Precedents Gone?

It took over 200 years to set government precedents, but it took Republicans just eight years to destroy them
March on Washington

Beyond the March on Washington

What good is a massive protest unless it's followed by more action?
March on Washington

Women of the World March on Washington

From Washington, to my hometown of Montreal, women are grabbing back
sex control

Republicans: The Party of Sex Control

If conservatives had their way, we would hear no sex, see no sex and have no sex

#BlackLivesMatter Shouldn’t be Silenced over Dallas Shooter

The Dallas Shooter and the Black Lives Matter Movement are completely different
racial tension

The People Who Profit from Racial Tension

Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear
Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling: Another Day, Another Police Shooting

With over 500 police shootings in 2016 already, Mr. Sterling becomes just another police victim
Christians Hate Gays

Christians Hate Gays as much as ISIS

Contrary to popular opinion, hate for the LGBT community is quite equal among Abrahamic religions
Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen, ISIS, and the LGBTQ Community

A look into the different aspects of the Orlando nightclub shooting
donald trump, Republican Party Embarrassment

The Real Republican Party Embarrassment

Who's the more embarrassing ... Trump or the fools that follow him?
Sexual Violence Statistics

Intimate Sexual Violence Statistics

There is far more to sexual violence than just rape and a portion of it occurs within intimate relationships

Progressives and Transgender Restrooms

A progressive approach to restroom policy is one which ensures the rights of all individuals are upheld

HB2: The Cause and Effect of an Anti-LGBT Law

It's all fun and bigotry until someone loses a job
Foreign-born Justices

Foreign-Born Justices, not Presidents

If Supreme Court Justices are allowed to be foreign born, why not the president?

Anti-Abortion Movement: How the Past Became the Present

How anti-abortion activists across the country are once again endangering the lives of women everywhere