Monday, May 29, 2023
Trump's Racism

Trump’s Racism Shines Through Hurricanes

Trump's Hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands speaks volumes about his disdain for minorities
Columbus Day

It’s Time for Columbus Day to End

There is absolutely no reason to celebrate a man who never even set foot in the United States
Confederate statues

Confederate Statues are a Symptom of a Larger Issue

What kind of people honor men who desired to oppress others?
March Against Sharia

The Real Purpose Behind the March Against Sharia

The motivation behind the protests was about provocation, not Sharia Law
Confederate Monuments

Down with Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

Most Louisiana residents oppose the removal, but don't understand the Confederacy shouldn't be honored
shree chauhan, Sean Spicer

The Danger of Eugenics: Shree Chauhan vs. Sean Spicer

In questioning the White House spokesperson, Shree Chauhan reveals Sean Spicer's true beliefs

#BlackLivesMatter Shouldn’t be Silenced over Dallas Shooter

The Dallas Shooter and the Black Lives Matter Movement are completely different
racial tension

The People Who Profit from Racial Tension

Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear
Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling: Another Day, Another Police Shooting

With over 500 police shootings in 2016 already, Mr. Sterling becomes just another police victim
donald trump, Republican Party Embarrassment

The Real Republican Party Embarrassment

Who's the more embarrassing ... Trump or the fools that follow him?
hate groups

Ruled by Hate: Hate Groups in America

The rise in hate groups and hate crimes in the past year is staggering

Why Some People Deny White Privilege Exists

The easy answer to explain the denial of White Privilege is racism, but it's more complex than that.
Ferguson Effect

The Real “Ferguson Effect”

The Ferguson effect should refer to the birth of a movement, not a "ploy to reduce scrutiny of the police"

Samuel L. Jackson is Right About Mass Shooters

Mass shootings by white men happen all the time, yet white Americans are not stigmatized for it.
Woodrow Wilson

The Racism of Woodrow Wilson

Does the ignorance of an accomplished man negate the good things he's done?

Racism and the False Sense of Superiority

Americans will only beat back racism when we realize we're no better than anyone else

#BlueLivesMatter Might Actually Be Hurting the Police

It's ethically uncool to hijack a hashtag and attention from others onto yourself, no matter how noble your intent.
Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter

Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter are not the enemy

There is no one to blame for the Bernie Sanders interruption except ourselves
Wealthy White Male Supremacy

Republicans: Advocates for Wealthy White Male Supremacy

Three years after the "most comprehensive post-election review" and Republicans are still all about the wealthy white man
Donald Trump

Republicans Love Donald Trump’s Racism

Trump is using racism as a political weapon and inside the Party of Hate, it's working