Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Stand your ground

Stand Your Ground Law is a License to Kill

A new study reveals mass confusion among police, prosecutors, and judges with "stand your ground" laws, which allows killers to go free
progressive manifesto

Capitalists and Workers: A Progressive Manifesto

Eight affirmations for the twenty-first century progressive
kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron is not Saving Christmas

It's time for Kirk Cameron to say something outrageous, he's got a new film...
ferguson protests

Flawed Perceptions of Ferguson

Why many White Americans think negatively about the Ferguson protests
Darren Wilson

Killing Michael Brown has made Darren Wilson a Millionaire

Only in America could a police officer get rich by killing an unarmed black man
Higher Education Costs

America’s Higher Education Costs are no Myth

People like Sandy Baum, who believe the unaffordability of college is a myth, need to look at the facts on the ground
war on christmas

My Personal War on Christmas

If Christmas is all about trees and pointless consumerism, I want no part of it

Capitalism, Property, and Revolution : The Ferguson Decision

There is much more to the Ferguson decision and subsequent riots than just race
Don't like guns, don't buy one

Why “Don’t Like Guns, Don’t Buy One” Is Wrong

"If you don't like guns, don't buy one. Simple."Of all the ridiculous arguments made by gun lobbyists, this one stands out as especially ludicrous....

Hillary Clinton 2016: Not the Right Woman for the Job

I used to look up to the former First Lady, but now I realize who she really is
Quality Public School Education

No Right to a Quality Public School Education

Following Governor Snyder's billion dollar cut to public education, a Michigan Court ruled that students don't have to actually learn
What to do if you are Stopped by the Police

What to do if you are Stopped by the Police

Legal advice on how to keep those pesky police stops routine and without incident
2014 Elections & blue dog democrats

Apathy is not what lost the 2014 Elections

In order to get people out to vote, Democrats need to have candidates worth voting for

Hey Democrats, Voters Don’t Support Cowards

The American electorate will always vote for bullies before voting for cowards.
jon stewart

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart's flippant attitude towards voting has turned a longtime fan against him
red cross

The American Red Cross needs to be Held Accountable

Public sector disaster relief incompetence been outsourced for non-profit incompetence
Midterm Election Results

Midterm Election Results and Moving Forward

Why Democrats are down, but most certainly not out. This swing of the political pendulum is most likely temporary.
Get out and Vote

Don’t Believe the Hype, Get out and Vote

On this election day, don't let the media make your decision on whether or not to vote
Vote in the Mid-terms

You Need To Vote in the Mid-terms

Most Americans are apathetic about voting in the Mid-terms and it has had disastrous consequences.
Planned Parenthood rally at the State Capitol.

What I Learned about Planned Parenthood

The near century old organization has been incredibly important for women's health throughout the decades