Sunday, December 3, 2023
Japanese Business Culture

Japanese Business Culture: Social Ethics and Loyalty

What western business executives can learn from Japanese business culture
John Lott

John Lott: The Key to Defeating Gun Lobbies

When it comes to the gun debate in America, there is one name that has inexplicably flown under the radar, and that name is John Lott. Lott doesn't want to be written about, he wants to do the writing.

The Republican Strategy of Stupidity

Not only have Republicans embraced the power of stupid, they're winning with it
Jill Stein

Jill Stein and the Smear Campaign against Independents

How Jill Stein is being smeared and independent voters marginalized by the political and media establishment
jenny mccarthy

The Jenny McCarthy Epidemic

Jenny McCarthy is well known for spearheading the anti-vaccine movement, which has caused quite a number of needless and preventable deaths. Because of her crusade, outbreaks of preventable diseases have been reported throughout North America.

Do You Really Remember Sandy Hook?

As we mark the anniversary of this tragedy, we should never forget how it made us feel
Open Carry Texas

Weak Without Guns: Open Carry Texas

Carrying guns openly in public doesn't help basic logic skills

Scare America Stupid: Republican Fear Mongering

The GOP wants you terrified, because you'll be easier to manipulate
Waiter, bartender

Your Waiter Deserves A Raise

Those who work in "The Industry" are among the most underestimated people in all of the work force. It’s a common misconception amongst the arrogant and conceited that restaurant and bar workers aren't very bright, or that anyone can tend bar. Think again.
America and Rome

America and Rome: A Tale of Two Republics

The United States of 2016 has a staggering amount of similarities with the ancient Roman Republic
Bill Day, cartoonist

The NRA = Not Really American

Recent events show that the NRA no longer represents responsible gun owners. Let's see what NRA really means.

21 Stupid Things Republicans Did in 2014

The GOP made 2014 a roller coaster of crazy

Punch Anti-Vaxxers in the Face (With Facts)

Anti-Vaxxer beliefs are putting everyone in harm's way
republican lies about Obamacare

Top 10 Republican Lies About Obamacare

With a laundry list of things that Republicans and their news clones could complain about - actual legitimate concerns about Obamacare - why do they feel the need to make up things to scare the public? Are they that allergic to the truth that even when the truth suits them, they would rather spin lies?
How to support gun lobbies

What Happens When You Oppose Gun Lobbies?

I have only been speaking out against gun lobbies for a few months. I am not a well known writer. But opposition to my writings has been enormous. My name has been smeared with fake twitter accounts. Horrible things have been attributed to me. Graphic sexual acts with animals. False allegiances to Adolph Hitler. I have even been painted as a necrophiliac pedophile.
Omran Daqneesh

Omran Daqneesh and the New Push for Intervention in Syria

The image of the bloodied Syrian boy in the ambulance is heartbreaking, but serves a bloodier purpose

Donald Trump: Bear or Bull?

Why Donald Trump is not necessarily a long shot for Repubicans
walmart statistics

Walmart Statistics: Big and Bad

From the sheer size of the company, its sales, labor force and wealth to the Walton family itself
Cenk Uygur and Ann Coulter

The Cenk Uygur and Ann Coulter Debate

It's hard for a seasoned liberal to lose a debate to a conservate xenophobic, racist, anti-woman, genocidal maniac
Mike Pence’s Political History

A Quick Look at Mike Pence’s Political History

In a way, Donald Trunp's running mate is more dangerous than Trump himself