Thursday, June 24, 2021
2nd Amendment

Money Behind Push to Defend 2nd Amendment

Why else would you allow guns in the hands of the mentally ill?
2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment Just Protects Militias Contextually

The 2nd Amendment gives the right to militias not individuals
gun control law, Richard Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid

The Only Way to Get a Gun Control Law Passed

Sit-ins, protests and movements are great, but in this system they are futile
gulliver's travels gun control

Gulliver’s Travels Meets Gun Control

Gulliver and America's gun nuts share a common ideology
Gun Control Like Abortion

Treating Gun Control Like Abortion

What if liberals tried to restrict the sale of guns the same way conservatives try to restrict abortion?
Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre Chooses Firearms over Freedom

LaPierre doesn’t give a damn about your freedom… unless guns are involved
Congressman Bill Johnson

Pro-Gun Congressman Bill Johnson Strike’s Out

Debunking three NRA/Republican pro-gun talking points once and for all
Gun Enthusiasts

Gun Enthusiasts are Lost in Hollywood

Believing that you can momentarily become John Mcclane to stop a mass shooting is pure fantasy
one issue voter

I’m Not A One Issue Voter, But…

With an all out attack on guns and the NRA, Hillary Clinton has already sealed up the pro-gun control crowd
Wayne LaPierre, Barack Obama

Time for Obama to Challenge Wayne LaPierre

The President needs to go after the chief of the NRA is spectacular fashion

Another Day in the USA, Another Mass Shooting

Those who ask "Why do mass shootings happen so much" are, by their inaction afterwards, enabling them to continue.
America's Gun Religion

America’s Gun Religion

Even though they often go hand in hand, in America, the "Church of Guns" is more passionate and dangerous than Christianity
guns kill people

Definitive Proof that Guns Kill People

A new study concludes that more guns does indeed mean more mass shootings

Lafayette’s Shooting Exposes Louisiana’s Serious Gun Problem

Louisiana is not overwhelmingly populated, but has the highest rate of gun deaths per capita.

No, Gun Rights Extremists, You Aren’t Suffering. At All.

Gun owners had best go check their dictionary if they think they "suffer" with stricter gun laws
confederate flag

Down with the Confederacy, Up with Guns!

In the face of tragedy, Americans are always quick to react… Most of the time

How the Charleston Shooting Revealed America’s Shame

A killer blatantly states that nine Americans were killed for their skin color, and America is still in denial

Don’t Use Open Carry to Dine & Dash

What should you do when Open Carry activists walk into the restaurant you're in?
Gun License

Every License, But A Gun License

You don't need a gun license, but cutting hair is illegal without one...

The NRA: Responsible for Firearms Irresponsibility

The National Rifle Association has become a liability to the safety of all Americans