Thursday, June 24, 2021
newtown anniversary

If Newtown Couldn’t Change Us, What Will?

In the 12 months since that man slaughtered his mother, 20 first grade children and 6 educators, there have been 26 more school shootings in America and we have lost 194 children aged 12 and under to gun violence.

No, Gun Rights Extremists, You Aren’t Suffering. At All.

Gun owners had best go check their dictionary if they think they "suffer" with stricter gun laws
Gun Violence

Do Americans Want Gun Violence to Get Worse?

Compared to the United Kingdom, our statistics on gun violence makes us look like we live in a third world country
Open Carry Texas

Weak Without Guns: Open Carry Texas

Carrying guns openly in public doesn't help basic logic skills
open carry texas

Open Carry Texas are Terrorists

The Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America held their local meeting in a Tex-Mex restaurant. As the moms were eating lunch, members of Open Carry Texas, a "gun rights" organization armed with handguns and assault rifles, and accompanied by children, proceeded to stand in the parking lot and wave their guns around.
Congressman Bill Johnson

Pro-Gun Congressman Bill Johnson Strike’s Out

Debunking three NRA/Republican pro-gun talking points once and for all
National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association is a Terrorist Organization

The NRA fights hard on the behalf of would-be domestic terrorists
2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment Just Protects Militias Contextually

The 2nd Amendment gives the right to militias not individuals
Gun Control Like Abortion

Treating Gun Control Like Abortion

What if liberals tried to restrict the sale of guns the same way conservatives try to restrict abortion?
How to support gun lobbies

What Happens When You Oppose Gun Lobbies?

I have only been speaking out against gun lobbies for a few months. I am not a well known writer. But opposition to my writings has been enormous. My name has been smeared with fake twitter accounts. Horrible things have been attributed to me. Graphic sexual acts with animals. False allegiances to Adolph Hitler. I have even been painted as a necrophiliac pedophile.
confederate flag

Down with the Confederacy, Up with Guns!

In the face of tragedy, Americans are always quick to react… Most of the time

How the Charleston Shooting Revealed America’s Shame

A killer blatantly states that nine Americans were killed for their skin color, and America is still in denial
guns kill people

Definitive Proof that Guns Kill People

A new study concludes that more guns does indeed mean more mass shootings

NRA Cheerleader Rob Kinnison: “More N*ggers, More Guns”

You don't need to look very far to find the racist element of the NRA
Wayne LaPierre, Barack Obama

Time for Obama to Challenge Wayne LaPierre

The President needs to go after the chief of the NRA is spectacular fashion
one issue voter

I’m Not A One Issue Voter, But…

With an all out attack on guns and the NRA, Hillary Clinton has already sealed up the pro-gun control crowd
Little Rock gun violence

Arkansas Swings and Misses on Gun Violence

The Republican answer to gun violence in night clubs was to ban violent music, not guns
Second Amendment

The Second Amendment and the Right to Overthrow the Government

I recently had a hostile debate with a staunch libertarian involving the Second Amendment. The nature of this heated exchange surrounded the idea of whether the citizenry of the US had the explicit right to overthrow their elected government by force of arms.
Don't like guns, don't buy one

Why “Don’t Like Guns, Don’t Buy One” Is Wrong

"If you don't like guns, don't buy one. Simple."Of all the ridiculous arguments made by gun lobbyists, this one stands out as especially ludicrous....
gun control law, Richard Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid

The Only Way to Get a Gun Control Law Passed

Sit-ins, protests and movements are great, but in this system they are futile