Saturday, May 8, 2021
climate crisis

The Climate Crisis Unfolds in Real Time

The extreme weather events we are currently witnessing are exactly what we were warned about twenty or thirty years ago
western wildfires, climate change, joe biden

Western Wildfires: Will Joe Biden Act Aggressively on Climate Change?

Is Joe Biden the leader who will put out the Climate Change fire?
President trump, panic

Five Times President Trump Has Caused a Panic

President Trump not wanting to cause a panic about Covid-19 does not fit his modus operandi.
americas war on terror, war on terror

America’s War on Terror has Displaced up to 59 Million People

Despite not being in the spotlight, the war on terror continues to wreak havoc across the world
Trump Insulted Nelson Mandela

Cohen: Trump Insulted Nelson Mandela and other Black Leaders

"Tell me one country run by a black person that isn't a s***hole. They are all complete f***ing toilets.”
Suckers and Losers, trump

The Hidden Meaning Behind Trump’s “Suckers and Losers” Insults

When Trump insulted dead military service members, he was actually insulting 98% of Americans
promises trump has broken

Top Promises Trump has Broken Since Running for Office

As the 2020 election campaign intensifies, a look back at the more important promises Trump has broken during his time in office.
covid-19 vaccine, trump, COVAX

Trump Refuses to Join Global Effort to Find a Covid-19 Vaccine

President Trump forces the United States to look for a Covid-19 vaccine alone, without help from the international community
peoples party, people's convention

Biden Today, A People’s Party Tomorrow

Fed up with the political duopoly, progressives aim to start a party of their own
Kenosha, Trump

Trump Dismisses Warnings to Stay Away from Kenosha

President Trump still plans to visit the community to throw more gas on the fire
United States like Nazi Germany

Has the United States Really Turned into Nazi Germany?

Every President in modern times has been compared to Hitler by the opposition party. Is it true this time?
democratic platform, environment, greenpeace usa

Greenpeace USA Not Impressed With Democratic Platform

After dropping support for ending fossil fuel subsidies from the Democratic Platform, Greenpeace USA gives Democrats a near failing grade
republicans defining democrats, aoc, johm kasich

Democrats Need to Stop Republicans from Defining Who They Are

Before taking stage at the DNC, John Kasich did what all Republicans do and tried to define what the Democratic party should be
Executive Orders

How Trump’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Play to his Base

Donald Trump's executive orders allow him to project the appearance that Democrats are fighting against Covid-19 relief
CARES act expired, mitch mcconnell, pelosi

With the CARES Act Expired, America is Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions

With the CARES Act being allowed to expire, Republicans are doing everything they can to make sure people continue to suffer during the pandemic
stella Immanuel, fauci, demon semen

Trump Chooses Demon Semen over Doctor Fauci

The president prefers to listen to a demon semen fearing pediatrician/minister over a world renown infectious disease expert.
dnc platform committee

DNC Platform Committee Rejects Key Progressive Policies

The platform may be seen as more progressive than 2016, but that depends where you look
elon musk, public persona

The Downfall of Elon Musk’s Public Persona

Covid19 has revealed the engineering genius to be just another greedy billionaire
anti-war amendments

Democrats Join Republicans in Blocking Important Anti-War Amendments

It's a shame most Democrats still prefer to fund Trump’s military over health and education