Saturday, May 8, 2021
John Kasich, democratic convention

Having John Kasich Speak at the Democratic Convention is a Horrible Idea

A conservative speaking in support of Biden at the National Convention is a big punch in the face to progressives
trump secret police, federal officers

The Dangers of Trump’s Secret Police

Trump's unidentified federal officers have the potential to be more dangerous than any pandemic
Covid-19 Response, covid-19

Trump’s Racism could Explain his Covid-19 Response

Is Trump and Republicans botching the Covid-19 response on purpose?
sick from covid-19

GOP Going to Great Lengths to Make You Sick from Covid-19

Where once there was denial of the pandemic, the GOP are now trying to feed it.
coronavirus cover-up, Covid-19

Possible Coronavirus Cover-Up is Now Underway

The White House doesn’t want you to know how bad the Covid-19 crisis is
world war III, mother nature

World War III is Underway, and Humanity is Getting its Ass Kicked

As humanity creeps slowly toward the point of no return on climate change, Mother Nature has chosen the perfect time to strike.
Donald Trump, Laissez-Faire Government

Trump has Truly Embraced Laissez-Faire Government

Remember when laissez-faire referred only to economics? Trump and the Republican Party has changed that.
fire fauci

As the Pandemic Worsens, Will Dr. Fauci Get Fired?

As the pandemic rages out of control, how long will Trump allow Dr. Fauci to contradict him?
bounties on soldiers, bounties on american soldiers

Bounties on Soldiers? Americans are Being Played For Fools

With no actual sources revealed, Americans are being tricked again into continuing a foreign policy that costs lives and money
invalidate Obamacare, Trump. Obama

Trump Administration asks Supreme Court to Invalidate Obamacare

In the dead of night, in the middle of a global pandemic, an act of unfathomable cruelty...
covid-19 testing, donald trump

Trump About to Shut Down Federal Funding for Covid-19 Testing

As the pandemic worsens, Trump is trying harder to hide it
far-right nationalist leaders

Is Covid-19 A Far-Right Nationalist Nightmare?

Coronavirus is exploiting far-right nationalist leaders and their inability to govern
Lincoln Project, Republicans attacking Trump

How are Republicans Attacking Trump Better than Democrats?

Moderate Republicans through the Lincoln Project are schooling Democrats on how to get under Donald Trump's skin
Eliot Engel Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Shows She’s Still Out of Touch by Endorsing Eliot Engel

Her first house Democratic primary endorsement goes to a horrible GOP-Funded Democrat
first wave of covid-19 2

In America, the First Wave of Covid-19 is Far from Over

Countrywide Corona cases have not really let up and deaths are about to increase
Canadian Response to Covid-19, jagmeet singh, justin trudeau

The Truth Behind the Canadian Response to Covid-19

If you liked how the Liberal Government has responded to the pandemic, thank the NDP.
Mulvaney CFPB

Trump Will Succeed in Unraveling the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is about to fall into the wrong hands
Tech Monopolies, facebook, amazon, google

Why the Giant Tech Monopolies Must Be Broken Up

When one man makes nearly $2.4 billion in one day, it’s time for change
Peace in Syria

Finding Peace in Syria Will Not Involve the United States

As Russia, Turkey and Iran look to end hostilities in Syria, American influence is dwindling in the region
socialism, Lee Carter

Socialism and Leftists are Succeeding Across America

Americans, led by millennials, are rebelling against crony capitalism and embracing the dreaded "S" word