Monday, December 4, 2023
Conservative russia, Republican russia

To Conservative Russia with Republican Love

Russia has become very conservative in the last twenty years, Republicans must be drooling with jealousy

Colonialism, Imperialism, and Indigenous Exploitation

Unraveling the western (and American) legacy of global exploitation and profiteering
Harris vs Chomsky

Harris vs Chomsky: Intent and Body-Counts

A debate that asks which is worse; an imperialistic government with "good intent" that kills many or Islamic radicals with "bad intent" that kills a few?
Conservative Propaganda

Conservative Propaganda: The Communist Boogeyman Myth

Why most establishment liberals are not anywhere near agents of Communist revolution
Tsar Putin

Tsar Putin, Nazism, and the Propaganda War over Ukraine

Why Ukraine is not and will never be the arbiter of its own fate.
Israeli Palestinian Conflict Statistics

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Statistics

Because Israeli politicians has largely ignored the Palestinian issue throughout the election, here is a reminder of what both sides have lost
American Hegemony

ISIS and the Self-Justification for American Hegemony

ISIS may be evil, but America's preemptive war against them is just another chapter of American Hegemony
Pro-Israel Talking Points

Five Pro-Israel Talking Points Debunked

Since the latest quarrel broke out in the Gaza Strip, we've been hearing the same old Pro-Israel talking points coming out of our corporate media and our national leaders. It is the same tired rhetoric that we've been hearing for years.

Republican Hypocrisy on Cuba

Restoring relations with Cuba may not bring Democracy to the island, but it is guaranteed to help out the people
Trump's Foreign Policy

The Dangers of Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump's foreign policy is built upon contradiction, ignorance and destruction

Vladimir Putin has Backed Himself into a Corner

A shaky Russian economy and overheated propagandist media coverage have put President Putin in the bind in which he now finds himself.
Ukraine crisis

Ukraine Crisis: The Continual Nature of Economic Warfare

If NATO is drawn militarily into the conflict then it is nearly assured that it will not come to a peaceful standstill any time soon.
Russia in Ukraine

Russia in Ukraine: The Other Side of the Story

Russia has had historic ties in the Crimean Peninsula since the 18th Century. Catherine the Great gained control of the peninsula and founded the city of Sevastopol, which today is a major source of contention between Ukraine and Russia.
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: America’s Greatest Frenemy

How long should the United States remain friends with the country that continues to complicate American Foreign Policy?
AIPAC Speech

Hawkish Hillary’s One Sided AIPAC Speech

Concerning Israel, Clinton identified herself as further to the right than Obama and even Trump
Israel in Gaza

Public Opinion is Shifting against Israel in Gaza

Public opinion is turning on Israel and their tactics in the Occupied Territories. While the western media and our federal governments (Canada and the US in particular) continue to tow a staunchly pro-Israel line in their reporting and policies with the events unfolding in Gaza, public opinion is slowly turning the other way.
saudi arabia and iran

Tensions Escalate Between Saudi Arabia and Iran… Again

How the execution of Shi'a cleric Nimr Baqir al-Nimr has re-opened old wounds
American Foreign Policy

The American Foreign Policy Bubble

America's "do what I say, not what I do" doctrine was on full display at the United Nations this week

Denying Syrian Refugees Aid? You’re Not Christian

Your Christian Identity isn't threatened by offering Syrian Refugees help. Quite the opposite.
holy land

There is no Holy Land

The right-wing in Israel often justify the occupation of Palestinian land and the recent operation in Gaza by the virtue of the ancient biblical ideal that Israel is God's Holy Land. Both the right-wing in Israel and the United States tend to view Israel and Palestine not as merely a geopolitical issue, but also a religious one.