Wednesday, September 28, 2022
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
War on ISIS

Canada Extends and Expands It’s Endless War on ISIS

Opposition parties were asleep at the wheel as Canada voted to become the second nation to bomb ISIS in Syria
depleted uranium

US Military Admits to using Depleted Uranium in Syria

The admission by the Pentagon raises questions about the humanitarian nature of US foreign policy

How Far should the United States go in Syria?

Valuable considerations for America moving forward in a very volatile region
Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is Making a Fool of Himself… Again

When it comes to Syria, Cotton and his fellow Republicans are all too eager to forget factual history
Assassination of Qassem Soleimani Biden Trump

Trump, Biden and the Assassination of Qassem Soleimani

Many Persians have no trust in Biden despite being Vice President during nuclear deal negotiations
Berta Cáceres

The Blood of Berta Cáceres is on America’s Hands

The Honduran Indigenous Leader's assassaination raises once again a need to look at the United States' role in the violence that plagues Latin America
American Interventionism

American Interventionism is a Bipartisan Project

One thing is certain in Washington. You can always count on Democrats and Republicans to agree on going to war
Trump's Foreign Policy

The Dangers of Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump's foreign policy is built upon contradiction, ignorance and destruction
Tony Blinken

Tony Blinken Chosen to be Biden’s Secretary of War

Biden choosing a hawk as his Secretary of State is a good indication of where the administration is headed
war with iran, donald trump

War With Iran would be Far Worse than the Iraq War

Contrary to what you may be hearing, a war with Iran would not be over in weeks
Greek Election

Radical Left Victory in Greek Elections

Liberating Greece from a cycle of austerity and depression
Israeli Palestinian Conflict Statistics

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Statistics

Because Israeli politicians has largely ignored the Palestinian issue throughout the election, here is a reminder of what both sides have lost
socialist victory, Bolivia

Epic Socialist Victory in Bolivia Crushes Right-Wing Coup

When socialism works for the betterment of the people, its awfully hard to get rid of...
offensive in gaza

The Futility of Another Israeli Offensive in Gaza

This is the third Israeli offensive in Gaza in the last five years and the fifth in the last nine. What does Israel hope to achieve this time that they could not accomplish before? Nothing, other than more punishment.
Israel in Gaza

Public Opinion is Shifting against Israel in Gaza

Public opinion is turning on Israel and their tactics in the Occupied Territories. While the western media and our federal governments (Canada and the US in particular) continue to tow a staunchly pro-Israel line in their reporting and policies with the events unfolding in Gaza, public opinion is slowly turning the other way.
US-Israeli Relations

Don’t Expect US-Israeli Relations to Change Much

The relationship between the US and Israel might seem strained, but it’s only in appearance
Egyptian revolution

Tourism, Terrorism and the Continuing Egyptian Revolution

Why Egypt still has a long way to go in solving its many problems

Trump Leaves Raqqa and Concern for Civilians in Ruin

A President who can't empathize with his own citizens is bound to leave a legacy of death and destruction abroad

Kurdistan: One Hundred Years of Betrayal

Over the past century, European powers, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and the United States have all used the Kurdish people to further their own aims