Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Canada-US Relations, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump

Are Canada-US Relations About to Get Rocky Again?

Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump disagree on just about everything
war with iran, donald trump

War With Iran would be Far Worse than the Iraq War

Contrary to what you may be hearing, a war with Iran would not be over in weeks
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
tillerson, putin, russian sanctions

Trump to Lift Russian Sanctions?

As violence continues in Ukraine, and Tillerson is confirmed, Trump mulls eliminating Obama era sanctions
Omran Daqneesh

Omran Daqneesh and the New Push for Intervention in Syria

The image of the bloodied Syrian boy in the ambulance is heartbreaking, but serves a bloodier purpose
erdogan, putin, coup

Will Erdogan and Putin be Allies?

With the U.S. supposedly harboring the mastermind of last month's coup attempt, is Turkey looking for a new friend?
Trump's Foreign Policy

The Dangers of Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump's foreign policy is built upon contradiction, ignorance and destruction
Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is Terrified… of Canada?

The conservative columnist is now afraid of us bleeding-heart Canucks
Pakistani Flag

Where is the Pakistani Flag on Facebook?

We show solidarity with some countries hit by terrorism with their flag. With others, not so much...
AIPAC Speech

Hawkish Hillary’s One Sided AIPAC Speech

Concerning Israel, Clinton identified herself as further to the right than Obama and even Trump
Berta Cáceres

The Blood of Berta Cáceres is on America’s Hands

The Honduran Indigenous Leader's assassaination raises once again a need to look at the United States' role in the violence that plagues Latin America
United States and Canada, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau

United States and Canada: Friends Once Again

Now that the ideologies of the two countries are finally balanced again, Trudeau has an important message for Americans before November
saudi arabia and iran

Tensions Escalate Between Saudi Arabia and Iran… Again

How the execution of Shi'a cleric Nimr Baqir al-Nimr has re-opened old wounds
paris attacks

The Paris Attacks and Western Double Standards

Why we will never defeat Islamic extremism with Western style violence

Why Violence has Become a Necessary Evil for Palestinians

Benjamin Netanyahu's policies are justifiably driving Palestinians toward violence
kunduz hospital airstrike

The Kunduz Hospital Airstrike Was A War Crime

Independent investigation or not, all Americans should be concerned about what gets carried out in our name

Obama Versus Putin at the UN

Presidents Obama and Putin delivered barbed speeches to each other at the UN. But who's right?

Russia’s Intervention in Syria Should Worry the USA

Russia is protecting a Syrian regime that the US wants to topple

Denying Syrian Refugees Aid? You’re Not Christian

Your Christian Identity isn't threatened by offering Syrian Refugees help. Quite the opposite.

Jeremy Corbyn: The United Kingdom’s Bernie Sanders?

Many have drawn comparisons between Jeremy Corbyn and American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.