Saturday, September 30, 2023
Militias and the Police

What’s the Difference Between Militias and the Police?

Contrary to what Americans believe, militias and the police have no duty to protect you

QAnon is set to Terrorize the United States for Years to Come

In just a few short years, the conspiracy group has grown into a dangerous religious cult, free from facts and logic
michael brooks

In Memory of Michael Brooks

Progressive talk show host Michael Brooks has passed away at the tender age of 37
covid police

Is there a Need for Covid Police?

Mandatory mask wearing is going to require an additional level of enforcement. How far should it go?
covid party, covid parties

Why Covid Parties are Uniquely American

Covid parties aren't just the result of reckless youth, there are far more factors to consider
cancel culture 2

The Many Shades of Cancel Culture

There are many aspects of cancel culture, from those who use it for personal gain to people who use it to shield themselves from criticism
covid canada day

It’s a Covid Canada Day

The Coronavirus in Canada might have tarnished Canada Day celebrations, but at least we can be thankful we don't live in the United States
maga, anti-mask

MAGA Anti-Mask Morons are all the Rage

Their outrage is hilarious regardless of the seriousness of their negligence
America's past burning confederate flag

America’s Past Needs to Disappear

The only way to move on from America's racist past is to make a conscious effort not to offend any of its citizens in the future...
co-opt the #BLM movement

The Establishment’s Attempt to Co-Opt the BLM Movement

While conservatives attack the movement, the liberal establishment is trying to use the Black Lives Matter for their own gain and both are blaming leftists
tom cotton's editorial, tom cotton story, tom cotton editorial

The Real Problem with Tom Cotton’s Editorial

The article in the New York Times is bad enough, but it's only part of what's wrong with the newspaper
George Floyd Riot Coverage

The George Floyd Riot Coverage has Been Horrible

The mainstream media's wall to wall coverage of America burning has little to no context
Quiet Mike, Welcome to Partyless Politics

Welcome to Partyless Politics!

A new progressive news and opinion site that puts facts over factions
Roy Moore

Roy Moore, Pedophilia and Religious Manipulation

The religious community is allowing itself to be manipulated by Roy Moore's Pedophilia defense

Politico Claims Progressives aren’t a Threat to Corporate Democrats

The progressive tidal wave has already started, regardless of how much the establishment denies it
Joy Ann Reid

Joy Ann Reid is the Embodiment of the Neoliberal Media

While part of the media, the anti-progressive MSNBC host represents everything wrong with the Democratic Party
Fox News

Knowing the Enemy: Fox News

Has any conservative institution done more damage to America than Fox News?

How MSNBC Is Deteriorating Into Another Fox News

Sacrificing journalism for ratings, the “lean forward” network has become another talking piece for conservatives and neoliberals
Millennial Bashing

Why Millennial Bashing is Incredibly Stupid

Millennials aren't more lazy, entitled or unethical than their parents or grandparents
Christians are more violent

How Christians Are More Violent Than Muslims

If Christians want to attack Muslims abroad, they don't need to be extremists