Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Quiet Mike, Welcome to Partyless Politics

Welcome to Partyless Politics!

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Politico Claims Progressives aren’t a Threat to Corporate Democrats

The progressive tidal wave has already started, regardless of how much the establishment denies it
Joy Ann Reid

Joy Ann Reid is the Embodiment of the Neoliberal Media

While part of the media, the anti-progressive MSNBC host represents everything wrong with the Democratic Party
Fox News

Knowing the Enemy: Fox News

Has any conservative institution done more damage to America than Fox News?

How MSNBC Is Deteriorating Into Another Fox News

Sacrificing journalism for ratings, the “lean forward” network has become another talking piece for conservatives and neoliberals
corporate media, donald trump, fake news, real profits

Corporate Media, Fake News and Real Profits

Donald Trump's "fake news" media that helped him get elected stands to benefit significantly from his presidency
Trump Attacks the Media

The Other Reason Trump Attacks the Media

There is more to his hate for the media than being fact checked
Donald trump, fake news

Donald Trump: The Dictator of Fake News

Whispers of Barack Obama being born in Kenya started circulating on the internet before he was even elected. In the first years of his...
Government of the Media

Government of the Media, For the Media

No one has more influence in shaping the 2016 election to its own design than the media
new media

Bernie Sanders and New Media

How the Internet media has treated Bernie Sanders more fairly than the corporate media
MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry, rick tyler

MSNBC Lean’s Way Backward

the so-called progressive news network has become a shadow of its former self
best of 2015

Quiet Mike’s Best of 2015

The best news articles and opinion pieces from the year that was

Donald Trump Owns the Media

If Trump were to assume office, the media would have only itself to blame
christian terrorism

Why Christians will never be Labelled Terrorists

The term "Christian Terrorism" is seldom used in the United States, there is a reason for it
planned parenthood shooting

Call the Planned Parenthood Shooting what it is

In America, why is terrorism a term reserved specifically for Muslims?

Republicans are Right: Mainstream Media Sucks

The response of the mainstream media to Republican festivities constitutes a sad commentary on just how intimidated it is by the GOP.

Rachel Maddow Hosted a Fine Democratic Forum

Recapping the Democratic Forum, how the candidates came off, and how the GOP should be sweating.
The Republican Media Phobia

The Republican Media Phobia

Republicans don’t like answering questions, regardless of who is asking them
Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd’s Unending Failure to Clip Hillary’s Wings

For over twenty years she's tried to bring the Clintons down. Now she's ticked off at Trey Gowdy for not getting it done in 17 months.
Joe Scarborough

A Morning with Joe Scarborough in Hypocrisy Hell

One morning watching Joe Scarborough on MSNBC is enough to fill your cup of hypocrisy for a lifetime