Saturday, September 30, 2023
American Muslims

Cruz and Trump Would Radicalize American Muslims

American Muslims are not the threat to America that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump make them out to be
conservative evangelicals

Conservative Evangelicals Make Christians Look Bad

Everyday Muslims and everyday Christians find themselves adrift in the same boat, branded by religious extremists
War is not Against Muslims

Our War is not Against Muslims

For progressives, our fight is not against faith per se, but againt all of those who believe they are exceptional to the rest of us
ted cruz

Ted Cruz: God’s Next Commander in Chief

Why we need to stop supporting candidates who listen to God instead of the American people

Pope Francis Couldn’t Save Kelly Gissendaner From Death

Despite the Pope's pleas to end the Death Penalty, Georgia has executed Kelly Gissendaner

Pope Francis is in the USA and it’s Everything

Progressives are getting a boost of confidence as the Pope sides with them on major issues

Ahmed Mohamed Illustrates America’s Fear of Muslims

A fourteen year old's discriminatory treatment is the just the tip of America's Islamaphobic iceberg.
Muslim Free Zone

The Ridiculousness of a Muslim Free Zone

Some gun store owners still think the second amendment only applies if your white
The Bible is Wrong

The Bible is Wrong about Gay People… Among other Things

Why fundamentalist Christians should not be following biblical laws written in the Bronze Age
Todd Courser

Todd Courser, Gays and the End of Days

Michigan’s Christian conservative politicians are going to ridiculous lengths to prevent gays from getting married
Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality Does Not Affect Religious Liberty

Religious Conservatives love playing the victim, but with the recent marriage equality ruling, their rights are not being infringed upon
Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Is Not About Freedom

Religion and freedom is not reserved solely for Christian conservatives who wish to discriminate
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wants A War With Islam

The famous atheist politician and women's rights activist defends Christianity while calling for a war against all of Islam
Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson Is Sick In The Head

Robertson's bloody fantasy about an "atheist family" reveals the ugly beliefs of religious zealots
Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson’s Opposition to Yoga

Why Yoga scares ultra-conservative Christians
holy war

The Holy War Right-Wingers Want

Only Islamic extremists and Christian conservatives are calling the conflict with ISIS a war between religions

Losing My Religion in America

A personal, lifelong journey toward being Agnostic
Islamic Extremism

How Progressives Should Fight Islamic Extremism

The fight against Islamic extremism does not require more security, dropping bombs or raising a fist in hate
Radical Christianity

Radical Christianity Rarely Makes The Headlines

Why Radical Christianity never receives western headline news coverage like radical Islam
Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Capitalism, and Science

Utilizing Christian theology as a force for positive, progressive change